Friday, October 9, 2009

What my boys get up to..

Today is Friday, after very long couple of weeks i am a little worn out today, so i thought i would post some photo's instead of trying to concentrate on typing a heap of words i will most likely miss spell.. lol Good news is we are all finally over the bug, took our cowboy a bit longer but he is much better!!
Yesterday we made some choc chip cookies and i had lots of help.
I seem to always make the mistake of showing the boys what i use to do as a little girl, and of course they love it..

Problem is they seem to get messier than i use to lol

and they seem to make up some of their own tricks all on their own!! can't let any go to waste!!

They decided to pull up stumps in front of the oven to wait while they cooked. They love these cookies to bits. Such an easy recipe and makes almost 80 cookies!! YUM!!

Here they are. Yummo!
(will post the recipe another time, its so easy)
So as i said today is Friday and my boys seem to get away with alot on Fridays, but then again i seem to instigate alot of their playtime as well. Cowboy wanted the mattress moved, so i moved it half off so they could roll down it. Which is another thing i use to do as a little girl... Lots of fun as you will tell by the photo's!

They are having so much fun, cowboy is moving his reading books onto the mattress, so he can relax while reading!! Very smart little boy!! Well i hope you have a great weekend, i think we are going to try do some more things in Ben's new bar, which we should actually do a post about, we are slowly putting up walls!! xo


  1. I've been following your mother-in-law's blog and just love it. Just found the link to yours. I raised two little boys too - twins, actually. They are grown now and I have three grandsons. Can't get through the day without the blogs I follow!

  2. I am the same, i never thought of reading blogs until Granny (mil) started her blog, and we love reading hers and have found others we love to read aswell! xo

    And Granny, yes Happy boys = very very very happy mummy!! xo