Thursday, October 29, 2009


Last night our boys both ate all their dinner! YAHOO!! And daddy was at work too! I was quite pleased with myself and the boys!! So as a treat i took them out on to our front veranda and we went looking for our Froggy Friends. We have lots of little and big frogs living in our garden under the veranda. The big frogs mainly come out on the path and the stairs to scare the hell out of us. But the little ones come up top for a visit!
The boys love to try and hold on to the frogs, i try to catch them and then try to pass them on to the boys for a quick hold. Although being frogs they are mighty fast and jump off the veranda before the boys get to hold them!

Our cowboy searching for frogs.

Blue eyes was a little more interested in playing with our shoes..

This is the first frog we found, so cute!


  1. I love the fearless frog hunters!"eat all your dinner and we can look for frogs" seems to be working :0) yay!!

  2. Well it changed tonight, too, if i eat all my dinner you will give me a treat. I told him i don't have any treats.. Response was.. "well tomorrow we will drive to granny's house and pick up a treat and bring it home to eat after dinner tomorrow night" Does he know how everything work or what??!! Cheeky monkey!!!

  3. Plenty of treats here!!! And dont they BOTH know it ,lol.xxxx