Monday, October 19, 2009

Camping weekend away..

Ben and i had a wonderful weekend away, camping, fishing and having a few drinks!!
We did however have a bit of trouble finding a camping spot. There was alot more people out at Rainbow Beach than we had anticipated.. Especially camping at Inskip Point. We had a couple of mishaps trying to find a camping spot and setting up the tent. We got bogged the first sandy track we went up, misjudged how deep the soft sand was, (all the strong winds and hardly any rain has made almost all the tracks very very soft). So we drove around for about and hour trying to find a spot. We finally decided on one we had chosen as a last resort, which turned out to be a pretty decent spot, as the wind was really blowing we were far enough away from the beach that we were covered from most of it.
So we got the tent out and started getting it ready. Ben then called our friends who had come out for an afternoon drive, while Ben was on the phone, i discovered that we had left the pegs for the tent at home... and upon putting the poles through we found that we had mixed up the poles as well.. That's what we get when we keep tent pegs and poles from old tents lol. The tent was sleepable, not as spread out as it normally would be, but it was only for Ben and i, it didn't matter a great deal, it stayed still and the airbed fitted perfectly!
It doesn't look too bad from this photo, but it had a funny lean to it!

This was the beautiful sunset at Carlo Point. Lots of people turned up to watch, so we sat in the car and ate our dinner. Ben had a seafood basket and i had a chicken burger.

We then went night fishing at Bullock Point. This is where the barges are laid to rest of a night.We fished off the boat ramp in between barges. Ben caught a little brim, and i managed to cast far enough to catch a barge. The Fraser Explorer to be exact, it may have even been The Fraser Explorer II can't really remember lol.

Here is Ben fishing next to the Manta Ray Barge, he wanted to hope on and it fish off it, as it was right next to the old jetty, but their sign says video surveillance and he didn't want to risk it lol.
After fishing awhile we went back to our campsite and had a few drinks and played some cards, Ben taught me yet again how to play poker and seems as though i am pretty good at it when i remember how it all works lol

This was when i woke up Sunday morning, looking from our campsite down to the beach! Great view.

After packing up camp we went back to Bullock Point for a cooked breaky and some fishing. We caught a small brim and whiting, i caught a gar fish (actual fish this time!). 2 sting rays tried to chase Ben back to shore lol! During high tide Bullock Point is a very busy place, everyone using the boat ramp, fishing off the very old falling apart jetty, and a family turned up with a jet ski, a very nice jet ski at that!

Some of the cars parked around the place.

This is part of the jetty, there is a big steel fence at the start of the jetty to deter people using it, but they still climb over.

Break time for brunch! we had another fish after this and then packed up and went home.
We had a fantastic weekend, it was nice to get to the beach and not have to chase little boys away from the waters edge and to fish without worrying about where they were running to! And of course to spend some quiet time with Ben was great, we actually had conversations without being interrupted!
Hope you all had a great weekend as well, i know the boys had a blast at granny and pa's house, they wanted to stay 2 nights not just 1 lol.
Hope you have a great week! xo


  1. The tent gave me a laugh!!!Just goes to show you can sleep anywhere if you are tired enough :0)No wonder the jetty is fenced off,I didnt know it was THAT bad.You can look forward to more getaways when Granny and Pa are on holidays!Love you four xx

  2. Yep the jetty is bad, that is the worst part. The first part of it is not that bad, still walkable if your balance is good. Mine is not hence why i will not go on it! And the tent, if it wont move and the air mattress fit's and there's not any kids to worry about its sleepable!! Can't wait for more getaways but dont want to wear granny and pa out too much! ;) Love you both xo