Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Double Trouble!

Last night was spent jumping between, my bed, Blue eyes and Cowboy! They both have had a minor temp. Cowboys is gone now, don't know what the deal is with him, he hasn't had a temp since he was 2... Blue eyes on the other hand geez!!! He has his second molars still popping through on the bottom so I know his deal! Just wish he wouldn't get the temps with it.. He got to 38C we got him down from there straight away. He woke with it at that temp, so i fixed it fast so it wouldn't jump any higher.

They are both currently asleep on the lounge chair.. I was as well about half hour ago. lol. Trying to catch up on some sleep. I think it was a grand total of about 4 hours, but very broken! We drove Ben to work this morn as it was raining, not very good riding weather! We have a play date today, Don't know if I'm looking forward to it more than the boys. They have a wonderful cubby house with slide and swings, if only i were a kid again! hehe. I think its that the boys will be playing with 2 girls that is putting cowboy off. But once he gets there i know he'll jump right in always does! haha.

Anyway time to go, oh we had a wonderful weekend at the races. Got home at 3 am!!!! Was a great time! Hope you all had a great weekend! :-)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Going Good.

Second week down, we are all doing great with the new routine. Still haven't been able to find much time to have computer play time and do some posts on here lol. I've taken a heap of photo's to upload of our garden and how its looking. But Ben downloaded The never ending story SERIES.... So our Internet has been slowed and will take forever to upload photo's grrrr

Today is Friday, I'm off to work today. Then tomorrow we are going to our local horse races. Ben's work is sponsoring the races tomorrow, so we get free tickets, lunch and some free drinks. The boys are off the my mum's for the afternoon and night yay!! I'm still trying to decided what dress to wear... I purchased some new shoes from work hehehe (my find of the week). Our friend also Ben's workmate Amanda has talked me into getting a spray tan.... Someone else at work (Ben's work) is getting it done at her house with a few other people and asked Amanda and she wants me to do it to. I've never had one before. We don't know the lady that is doing it and I'm a little suspicious that its not going to look good lol. But Amanda is going to ask more questions today before we do it tonight. If it looks funny I'm sure there will be photo's to show lol.

Anyway I've got some chores to do before going to work. Hope your all having a good week and an enjoyable weekend!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Settling IN.

Last week was Ben's first week in Services team. He has moved from the boning room, something new for him. And us as well. He has gone from shift work to normal hours. He gets to work in all parts of the abatoir. Last week he was doing anything from boning, pushing beef to working in the office!! This week he gets to run another training session for new peoples, which is great. He has something different to look forward to at work now.

But as a family we've only ever known his old work hours. Early shift one week, late shift the next. We had been running on a two week routine. Now we have to change our routine as Ben will be here EVERY night!! I was just about beside myself when he started last week. Today I'm even more excited. Cause i know he will be home at 3.30pm not 10.00pm today!! Yahoo! And we are up early enough to see him off in the morning, it makes it even more exciting! hehe

Alot has been going on over the last week, in amongst the boys being grizzly from snotty noses and the change of daddy's work hours. Ben has moved his aquaponics and added some more to it (i need to take some new photo's to update you). Some veggies have died/gone to seed thanks to the stupid winter we are having. Feels more like a spring than winter... I dread what summer will be like.. Lots of fishing and swimming trips i think! Alot of our flowers are coming out making our garden look very pretty!

We had a house warming for our friends on Saturday, that was great. Haven't been able to catch up with them for awhile so was very nice. Last night we had another catch up/friends needing some business photo's done! Our friends that have started their chocolate and meat spice business needed to take some photo's of meat cooking with their spice on it. And they thought Ben's fire pit he built would look great in photo's. Who would refuse a free feed, great company and some drinks! Was a fabulous night, and the food amazing!! The steak they brought over was the biggest T-bone i have ever seen, and was cooked to perfection! Not to mention the spices!! YUMMO. The chicken was just as good. We hadn't tried their chicken spice yet, only the beef spice. So we were very excited and were not disappointed! I took a photo on my phone but i didn't turn out to well.. I am going to try my hardest this week and get out and take some garden photo's. The sun is shining and it is beautiful weather! The boys have been outside most of the day, I keep trying to get them to rest but they sit for 5 Min's and they are out the door again.. They will sleep well tonight Fingers crossed anyway!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a great start to the week :-)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Cowboy.

Cowboy had a wonderful Birthday. A play and some morning tea at the park. Lots of prezzies! And great company. Was only a small morning tea, but we were there until lunch time so they all had a excellent long play! We couldn't even get him to rest when we got home. He had to sit and look through his goodies! Blue eye's past out for about 2 hours, poor thing woke up sick :( To big a weekend for him i think!

Here are some photo's from our play at the park. Wish i had of video'd some of the prezzie openings. Cowboys little squeal of delight opening them was hilarious!

Feeding the ducks.

I love this photo, Cowboy and our friends middle son deep in conversation!

Looking for Turtles, catfish and eels. Behind the safety of the bridge rails!


The beautiful ice cream cake.

about to cut the cake.

Blue eyes enjoying his slice of cake.

Big boys sitting together.

B enjoying the ice-cream cake.

Resting whilst eating!

everyone helping with the unwrapping.

On his Bike.

I'm very glad we got him a bike, he loves it a lot. And is mastering it really well!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend :-)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Find of the Week.

I've known about this one for a few weeks now, but this week was the first week that i was able to get it.

A friend of mine has started up Ozzy Fresh Produce. She goes down once a week to the fresh fruit and vege market in Brisbane and stocks up, to then sell to us the public! She has two different sized boxes for sale a small $30 box and a Large $50 box. We got the small box this time. We don't live that far away from Brisbane, but still our supermarkets fruit and vege aren't great alot of the time.. So it is excellent to be able to buy something we know is fresh, and it also gets delivered to us, either to our home or work! Love it!! I think she is on to a winner!

Our Yummy Box!

This weekend is another busy one, a first birthday party tomorrow afternoon and Cowboys birthday on Sunday! I purchased a bike for him the other day, and put it together myself. I was very proud of myself, and so was Ben! Only part i couldn't do was connecting the front brakes. It wasn't in the instructions which was strange but Ben knew how to do it so i left it to him. Cowboy doesn't know what he is getting and won't get it until we take him to the park on Sunday! I think I'm just as excited as him! Cowboy is getting very excited, counting down each sleep until the big day.. So excited that he's started wetting the bed every night this week! So last night and the next couple of nights he will wear a nappy to bed, I'm a little over the midnight bed and pj changing the washing everyday and getting both boys back to sleep after the above mentioned process... Gah!

But anyway, time to bath the boys! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend :-)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Australia Zoo.

Here is a snap shot of our day at Australia Zoo! We had a fantastic day, Ben and i loved it just as much if not more than the boys did! If your visiting Australia or the Sunshine Coast area this is a must. It is well worth the money!

The bus left at an early 7.30am!

So an early morning rise was needed!!

The boys were so well behaved on the bus trip down, a movie helped occupy the constant question from cowboy "how much longer to the zoo?"!

We made it in great time and arrived before the zoo was opened. We studied the map, hired a stroller and set off to look at the otters then the lizards.

The boys looking in on a Komodo Dragon.

A Jabaru. This handsome fellow was in the wildlife show, he flew down over the roof and audience. Only about a meter away from us in the air. The ladies behind us got a fright and screamed!

Graham the crocodile helping with the wildlife show in the crocaseum.

The wildlife show was a great way to take a break and listen to some very useful information about some of our native wildlife.

We had some lunch after this and then set off to find some more animals.

The beautiful elephants finishing their display, they had a swim after this and made huge racket! We also looked in on the Tigers, but it was quite a hot day on Saturday and by the time we made our way there they were having a rest. Bit too hot for playing!

We walked back through the koala walk and Roo haven.

Mumma and Bubba Koala having a kip.

Blue eyes with Molly the Koala.

Cowboy with a Kangaroo.

My Little Croc Hunter!

Even though I live in Australia I have never seen a Cassowary close up. I myself did not realise how big they actually are!

Ice - cream break! We were getting so hot that the pools in the croc enclosure's were looking quite nice for a cool off.. If only they weren't already occupied!

Agro the Salt water Crocodile

Agro showing off! Not many teeth left in this old fella's mouth. He is roughly 4.5m in length.

Scrappa is Agro's son.

By gift shopping time, the boys had almost enough. Blue eye's decided it was time for a nap!

So we sat down by the statues took some photo's and had a play with our items from the gift shop. There are so many things to see and do, I am pretty certain we didn't see and do all of it! They are currently building a cheetah enclosure, so who knows how much more they will have for us to see the next time we get there! Cowboy was a little upset he didn't get to see Terri, Bindi or Bob (the did walk through the zoo but we weren't at the right place at the right time). Even though he is only 4 he knows who Steve Irwin is! He has only seen Steve a handful of times on TV or on his Wiggles dvd. But knows about him and what he does.. At lunch time he asked where Steve was.. We didn't quite know how to answer, then he piped up and suggested that he was probably in the crocodile suit that we saw in the crocodile show. We didn't tell him exactly what happened to Steve, I don't think he is quite old enough yet. But it amazing that just a handful of years on, a little boy who was only a baby at the time knows all about him! And Loves him, even before going to the zoo he has pretended to be the croc hunter catching and releasing crocs!!

I hope you enjoyed our photo's, it was hard deciding which ones to put up (that is why there are quite a few!) This weekend is Cowboys 4th birthday, so we will be organising a little morning tea for him! Hope your week is starting out well :-)