Friday, August 6, 2010

Find of the Week.

I've known about this one for a few weeks now, but this week was the first week that i was able to get it.

A friend of mine has started up Ozzy Fresh Produce. She goes down once a week to the fresh fruit and vege market in Brisbane and stocks up, to then sell to us the public! She has two different sized boxes for sale a small $30 box and a Large $50 box. We got the small box this time. We don't live that far away from Brisbane, but still our supermarkets fruit and vege aren't great alot of the time.. So it is excellent to be able to buy something we know is fresh, and it also gets delivered to us, either to our home or work! Love it!! I think she is on to a winner!

Our Yummy Box!

This weekend is another busy one, a first birthday party tomorrow afternoon and Cowboys birthday on Sunday! I purchased a bike for him the other day, and put it together myself. I was very proud of myself, and so was Ben! Only part i couldn't do was connecting the front brakes. It wasn't in the instructions which was strange but Ben knew how to do it so i left it to him. Cowboy doesn't know what he is getting and won't get it until we take him to the park on Sunday! I think I'm just as excited as him! Cowboy is getting very excited, counting down each sleep until the big day.. So excited that he's started wetting the bed every night this week! So last night and the next couple of nights he will wear a nappy to bed, I'm a little over the midnight bed and pj changing the washing everyday and getting both boys back to sleep after the above mentioned process... Gah!

But anyway, time to bath the boys! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend :-)


  1. Have an awesome weekend everybody especially the birthday boy!