Monday, August 2, 2010

Australia Zoo.

Here is a snap shot of our day at Australia Zoo! We had a fantastic day, Ben and i loved it just as much if not more than the boys did! If your visiting Australia or the Sunshine Coast area this is a must. It is well worth the money!

The bus left at an early 7.30am!

So an early morning rise was needed!!

The boys were so well behaved on the bus trip down, a movie helped occupy the constant question from cowboy "how much longer to the zoo?"!

We made it in great time and arrived before the zoo was opened. We studied the map, hired a stroller and set off to look at the otters then the lizards.

The boys looking in on a Komodo Dragon.

A Jabaru. This handsome fellow was in the wildlife show, he flew down over the roof and audience. Only about a meter away from us in the air. The ladies behind us got a fright and screamed!

Graham the crocodile helping with the wildlife show in the crocaseum.

The wildlife show was a great way to take a break and listen to some very useful information about some of our native wildlife.

We had some lunch after this and then set off to find some more animals.

The beautiful elephants finishing their display, they had a swim after this and made huge racket! We also looked in on the Tigers, but it was quite a hot day on Saturday and by the time we made our way there they were having a rest. Bit too hot for playing!

We walked back through the koala walk and Roo haven.

Mumma and Bubba Koala having a kip.

Blue eyes with Molly the Koala.

Cowboy with a Kangaroo.

My Little Croc Hunter!

Even though I live in Australia I have never seen a Cassowary close up. I myself did not realise how big they actually are!

Ice - cream break! We were getting so hot that the pools in the croc enclosure's were looking quite nice for a cool off.. If only they weren't already occupied!

Agro the Salt water Crocodile

Agro showing off! Not many teeth left in this old fella's mouth. He is roughly 4.5m in length.

Scrappa is Agro's son.

By gift shopping time, the boys had almost enough. Blue eye's decided it was time for a nap!

So we sat down by the statues took some photo's and had a play with our items from the gift shop. There are so many things to see and do, I am pretty certain we didn't see and do all of it! They are currently building a cheetah enclosure, so who knows how much more they will have for us to see the next time we get there! Cowboy was a little upset he didn't get to see Terri, Bindi or Bob (the did walk through the zoo but we weren't at the right place at the right time). Even though he is only 4 he knows who Steve Irwin is! He has only seen Steve a handful of times on TV or on his Wiggles dvd. But knows about him and what he does.. At lunch time he asked where Steve was.. We didn't quite know how to answer, then he piped up and suggested that he was probably in the crocodile suit that we saw in the crocodile show. We didn't tell him exactly what happened to Steve, I don't think he is quite old enough yet. But it amazing that just a handful of years on, a little boy who was only a baby at the time knows all about him! And Loves him, even before going to the zoo he has pretended to be the croc hunter catching and releasing crocs!!

I hope you enjoyed our photo's, it was hard deciding which ones to put up (that is why there are quite a few!) This weekend is Cowboys 4th birthday, so we will be organising a little morning tea for him! Hope your week is starting out well :-)


  1. Great pics!
    Love the statue of Steve Irwin and family. Very cool.
    If Agro could talk, the stories he could tell.
    Cowboy's 4th birthday! Before you know it both boys will be all grown up.

  2. I know, seems only like yesterday we got home from the hospital with him! Cowboy must have really like Aus Zoo everyday this week he either wants to look at our photo's or he's asking to go back! We will def have to go back in the future!