Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Cowboy.

Cowboy had a wonderful Birthday. A play and some morning tea at the park. Lots of prezzies! And great company. Was only a small morning tea, but we were there until lunch time so they all had a excellent long play! We couldn't even get him to rest when we got home. He had to sit and look through his goodies! Blue eye's past out for about 2 hours, poor thing woke up sick :( To big a weekend for him i think!

Here are some photo's from our play at the park. Wish i had of video'd some of the prezzie openings. Cowboys little squeal of delight opening them was hilarious!

Feeding the ducks.

I love this photo, Cowboy and our friends middle son deep in conversation!

Looking for Turtles, catfish and eels. Behind the safety of the bridge rails!


The beautiful ice cream cake.

about to cut the cake.

Blue eyes enjoying his slice of cake.

Big boys sitting together.

B enjoying the ice-cream cake.

Resting whilst eating!

everyone helping with the unwrapping.

On his Bike.

I'm very glad we got him a bike, he loves it a lot. And is mastering it really well!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend :-)

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  1. I am glad that Cowboys birthday was a lot of fun for him. He looks to be enjoying himself immensely.

    Would you look at that bike....lucky boy!

    Happy birthday to Cowboy and best wishes to you all,