Friday, June 29, 2012


The sun is shining, our lil flowers are wiggling and the grasshopper jumping!

Its school holidays, so I'm doing the housework still in my pj's ;-)..... But soon I will need to change so we can go have a play on our beautiful beach!!

Oh Ben is home tonight as well!! Yay!!

Sickness is still plaguing the boys, but are on the mend slowly.. The sunshine helps and them helping themselves to food all the time... A very good sign of them feeling better!!

Hope you all have some sunshine in your life today too :-) xo

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Coffee and Panadol = My Savior.

Last night was a trip down memory lane... Blue eyes had his 4yr immunizations on Monday... It took over 24hrs but the side affects to hit him.. I noticed he wasn't his normal self in the afternoon. But he crashed on the lounge ( not unusual for him) before I could dose him up..

Our little devil has a massive habit of being perfectly fine ALL day then of a night time he'll develop a high temp(and with high temps possible febrile convulsions ).. Which is what happened last night. I spent the first half tossing and turning deliberating whether or not I should wake him and give him the medicine to help nip it in the but.... Or so long as his asleep it stays dormant.. Well he woke just after midnight.. With his temp sitting at 38c his magic number being 39c, and he obviously feeling lowsy was more than happy for me to give him, as he calls it the bum Panadol.. (had to chuckle at midnight at that, helped lighten the mood lol). We snuck into my bed together with the air cool enough to help the temp, warded off any imminent convulsion! Yay!

Although was well after 1am before we both settled back into a good sleep.. Hence coffee and Panadol for me today.. And not much else.. We've got a ring-in again today, 3 boys, but the ring-in is the eldest and oh so wonderful at keeping the boys entertained :-)

The temp has subsided, like usual during the day.. He's not 100% tho. So will be making sure he's got some medicine in him before going to bed tonight..

It's also been raining for about 5 days now... Yuk! We managed to duck down to the beach today for a play and some mummy and blue eyes funny photos.. ;-). Cowboy has a head cold and so does Ben.. So I'm doing my best to keep the germies away... Fingers crossed for sunshine tomorrow to get rid of the germs!!

Time for another coffee :-) xo

Friday, June 22, 2012

End of term!

School holidays Whoooooo!!!! Lol!!

Cowboys last 2 days of the school term were huge! Sports day yesterday and an end of term performance today. I've got photos of each saved on the laptop. Will post them over the weekend!

We have got portfolios home for both the boys this term, cowboys is wrapped in a wonderful picture.. We will leave it to open when Ben gets home.. It's hard for Ben not seeing the day to day schooling being away, so thought I'd share it by letting him read how well our big boy is doing first!

And blue eyes today blew me away! He wrote his own name! I didn't believe the Kindy teacher at first.. Really, our boy can piece that together in his little brain already! Wow! He did a great job too! I thought the teacher may have been making him feel good about his drawing.. Lol.. Poor boy! He's doing bigger boy things all the time now! I got to start giving him more credit for the wonderful things he is achieving!

Ben is on his way home right now!! Yay!! Can't wait for some cuddles!!

Have a great weekend :-) xo

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Busy, busy!

This week is a 3 day Kindy week, which means lots of driving in and out of town.. But I still manage to get my jobs done.

Today I made my own lil handbag, it's very cute! Not perfect but it's perfect for me!! The last couple of days I've sewn some more sets of Snak Sac's, I love them I really do! I even had my naturopath tell me today to start selling them lol!!

Which reminds me, I'm so very much back on track to a very healthy and happy ME! Meredith (naturopath) is so pleased at how well I stuck to our goal. I've finished with the special herbal tonic... Witch craft tonic is what Ben calls it lol!! Just gotta keep up with my good eating, my me time, and relaxing play times at the beach or the park with the boys!! Yep, I think I can manage that!! Throw in a little yoga, fishing and walking on the side ;-).

Tomorrow is Sports Day for Cowboy, we are very excited! I love sports days!! He is in Burnett house it's Blue. And he's been practicing their war cry ALL week!! So cute!!

I'll be sure to take some photos!!

:-) xo

Sunday, June 17, 2012


So it seems I had a whinge over nothing! My food bags.. Which I've now called Snak Sac's.. Have generated a little interest and want amongst a few of my friends.. Which shows to me, I feel with a lil effort and marketing (as in advertising and going to a market or 2) they might take off.. Then I might be able to add my other things I love to make... Hmmmm food for thought!
I'll have to get sewing.. I've made one set, but need to make at least another 2 of that fabric. Shown below and I've also got 3 other fabrics to make sets up with too! My gosh!!! The hardest part I would have to say is choosing the girly fabrics.. Having boys I am a lot more boy orientated than girl... But it is a lot of fun :-) :-)

Hope your weekend is great! We are hoping for a sunny Sunday... Saturday was dismal and drizzly.. Yuk!! Fingers crossed once the fog lifts!
:-) xo

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A little left of center.

I've always known that I'm not quite the same / into the same things as the "norm" of society is... And now I'm proving it more than ever.. Just because I like it and enjoy making it doesn't mean the rest of society will..

Makes it very difficult for me. As I would love nothing more than to be able to make and sell something I love, around the boys being at school. But finding that something to base a small business on is proving difficult..

I'm putting it down to me being too advanced in my thinking for what society can handle right now ;-p
But seriously I can't be the only "green" thinking person out there, can I?!

I've fallen in love with the food bags I made the boys.. But am really unsure if they would sell.. Their purpose, to wash and re-use.. Less plastic.. Is that a to hard basket for today?! Is plastic the easier option?!

In the confused basket today!!
I'm off to make sandwich size food bags for the boys ;-) :-) xo

Ps. Had a great long weekend away, very wet And windy, but enjoyed great company!!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cutting out more plastic!

In an effort to cut out plastic in the lunch boxes I've been trying to find a good pattern for fabric reusable food bags. I finally found one on my favourite website, pinterest!

4 have been made so far! With plenty more on the horizon!! They are so good and easy to make!!

We are off for a mini holiday tomorrow. Ben has a 4 day weekend, so we decided to go to Woodgate. A small coastal town a little south of us.. Of course we have to go somewhere, where we can fish!! Friends and some family will be there too!!

Hope you all have a great weekend! :-) xo

Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekend craft.

The weather wasn't the greatest on the weekend. Ben had to work on Saturday too... So we did some crafty things.

I fixed a bag I made, sewd the strap in properly.. Made a Peggy bookmark paperclip, and the boys chose wooden letters for their initials of their first name to paint!! They had alot if fun painting them too.

Hope your weekend was good :-) xo

Friday, June 1, 2012


I've got the sad sacks / frustrating mental block today... It doesn't happen very often anymore, which I'm really happy about.. But there are days where I just can't process WHY the boys do what they do and I can't move past it..( like making the milo I clearly asked them not to. Only to have milo all over the kitchen floor :-/) The brain melts down and not alot gets done.. Grumpy mummy arises and blue eyes plays on it and keeps the antics up.. Grr!! Lol!!

Yesterday was a show holiday here, blue eyes has no Kindy this week because of it, the prospect of Ben not coming home until saturday after a long week.. Blue eyes waking well before the sun every day this week and relapsing into major hair twiddling of my hair... Hmmm that's just to mention a few..

Gee I feel a little better now... Sound like a whinger, but... We all need to do it every so often..

Our week started so extra well too.. I even got to catch up with an old school friend. She's moved back to Bundy. It was so great to see her.. A familiar face! She has 2 gorgeous little girls!

Our niece is coming for a sleepover tomorrow night! We are all excited!! The SIL is going to dinner with her gf's. It will be a little strange, I've never babysat overnight before. But we will have some fun!

:-) xo