Thursday, May 26, 2011

Easy As?!

As If!! I'm not as creative with 'Names' as i am other things.. So when i thought to myself the other day, I might start thinking of a name to call my lil natural nail venture thingo... (can i use that?!? cause i got nothing much else..) You wouldn't believe the lists and lists and lists i went through with choosing names for our boys.. Ben hasn't said much. Mainly cause he knows how much i will keep thinking and changing my lists lol. The only thing he has said is 'naturally nailed by Cass' lol hmmmm not sure!

What is REALLY easy though, is a cordial recipe my MIL gave me! OMG! Easiest thing ever.. We haven't tested the end result yet, but it smells pretty damn fine!

Forgot to take a 'before' shot, so he is a 'in the midst of mixing' shot with stuff everywhere lol.

Finished product. Orange cordial and lemon and lime cordial. Still have heaps of limes (thank you to Linda the lime lady from the show) and lotsa lemons on our lotsa lemons tree. So will be making more in due course. We don't drink alot of cordial during winter so we will have it for the warmer months. Providing it keeps that long.

These didn't turn out as good as they should have. Didn't quite have enough sour cream for them, so just a little dry.. But the choc fudgeee goodness was still there! yum!

I'm off to work tomorrow, 10am until sometime in the afternoon.... Then on Saturday we are off to Hervey Bay to use Ben's dinner voucher and pick up the battery he won at the fishing comp. We will be staying the night. And we will get a full day up there so might have a look in BCF (Boating Fishing and Camping) shop!! One of our all time Fav's!!

WHoops forgot to mention, the AWESOME win by the Mighty Maroons last night in Origin!! YAHOO!!! I'll leave you on the Awesome note! Bens not impressed he backs the Blues! hehehehehehe :-)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Finders Keepers!

Still haven't had a chance to sit down and work out what I've done to the blog or layout etc.. Will get there eventually!

I went to our local OP shops today, to see what they had in the way of bowls. For me to use for my Mani's and Pedi's. Here they are.

The biggest one i was wanting to use for Pedi's but don't think it will be big enough. Still it only cost me $3. So it will get used somewhere around the house!
The oil burner only cost me .50c!! I Couldn't pass that up, not when i spent $12 buying my other one at the supermarket.. .50c for an additional one to use around the house PERFECT! The smaller bowl, i think is perfect for Mani's, Not too deep that it takes too much water, not to small in diameter that my hands and clients hand doesn't fit properly. And with pretty butterfly's on it, lovely.

Hope your all having a good week, I don't work again until Friday, Yay! More time for thinking and planning. oh and playing with the boys and housework!! Housework only if i really really have to lol!! ;-)

Friday, May 20, 2011

What am I doing?!?

Sometimes I really don't have a clue of what I am doing... Like the new background?? I do, but don't know how to get rid of all the mumbo jumbo of the layout text under my header picture?!?!?! If any of you know how please tell me.. Otherwise I'm going to have to sweet talk Ben into his help ;-)

Anyway, I have so many things I want to share about what changes we are slowly making to our lives. Food, Products etc.
What I want write about today is the allergies I get. Well they haven't been playing up since I've stopped using a majority of household cleaning products and beauty products. How awesome! I realised the other day, I can't really remember when my last bad allergy eye/headache was. Loving it!

So that also got me to thinking about my course i completed ( Nail Technician) Well that would need me to use alot of chemicals.. And i don't want to feel lowsy making people feel good. And don't want to be taking a pill everyday to stop the feeling, when i can do something naturally.

My good friend of mine told me the other day to go get a nice book and jot down all my ideas. As I've been jotting them down on scrap paper and loosing them. So i got myself a wonderful 100% recycled material book which is also made with Elephant poo. How cool! So I've been busy with my idea's. I've had them for a while and now is the time to start doing something about them or it will be another year before i have done anything.

I'm drawing some inspiration from the below books.

2 i got myself the aromatherapy books my MIL got for me! They are all awesome. Giving me SO many more idea's!

So my first initial plan is to make my own and use all natural/organic/fair trade products utensils etc for Manicure's and Pedicure's. Obviously this will not work for doing acrylic nails on people. So at this stage that service is put to the way side. But i feel alot of people are looking to go towards the natural way of thinking/life/living. I know we sure are. And really the minimal essential oils/natural ingredients i have that I've been playing with, makes my skin feel just as good if not even better than the chemical filled products on the market. I will also find a way to produce extras for sales.

One of the big eye openers recently for me was when i was going to put Vick's on the boys when they had their first Winter colds.. After starting to do our research on other things, I'd thought I'd refresh myself with its ingredients. Petroleum first ingredient, Do i really want to be putting this into their skin. I haven't used it since. And am going to purchase some natural products to make a homemade rub to use on them. Our weather is still here there and everywhere, so no colds have crept up again YET! lol SO gotta get my bum into gear!

Wow what a lot of rambling from me today! We are back off to the 'Show' tonight for the fireworks. It rained last night, so we need to take the umbrella and poncho's for the boys lol. Hope my rambling didn't confuse you all and it made some sort of sense, sometimes i don't understand it, but that is where my head is at! Have a great day everyone :-)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

A photo Granny Wouldn't show!

This is how our shopping day's usually end up. (sorry Granny, had to take a photo and share)

You know when you think to yourself, i wish i had a camera so i could take a photo of you and show you just how silly you get sometimes child!! Well i had my phone handy and took a shot. Didn't go down well. But i now have this to show him. lol Am i mean mum? or just a mum who doesn't want my son crying yelling and stamping his feet at me through the shops?

Our shopping trip went all downhill, when a man (very very nasty rude words inserted here) needed to get to the front of the checkout line at our local Aldi store. Instead of saying excuse me. He pushed cowboy into our trolley to get through. Usually i don't say anything. But WTF you do not push my child, and especially INTO a trolley. I looked at the man and said, you could say EXCUSE ME you know!! He looked away and walked off... GRUMBLE. My boys know manners and if you ask them to move nicely they understand and will move. That set the mood for the rest of the shopping trip. So it's not hard to understand the above picture, i sort of felt like doing that as well!

This weekend is our local show. Ben gets to work there for his work. Showing off their meat! lol Our good friend the chocolate maker hehe is also there. Ben got us some season passes. So today we are off to look at everything during the day, Tomorrow night we will go and look at all the lights and fireworks. As long as it doesn't rain.. It rains this week every year. and makes the show one big slosh hole! Might put the gumboots on the boys for the night excursion!

anywho off to do my jobs before our adventure! Have a great day all :-)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Helper

All it takes is a couple of private words with their daddy, and the boys will do whatever he wants them to. For Cowboys it's doing more things on his own. Shoes, socks getting dressed by himself etc. Blue eyes however, wants to do the washing up for me...

He does such a great job, Does get water everywhere, but hey it's only water!

We are off to do our shopping today, not sure how it will go, blue eyes is a little disgruntled this morning.

Have a great day everyone :-)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Our Saturday Night Camp Dinner.

Saturday we borrowed my parents camp oven to do some yummy cooking.

Fire on it's way.

Chook and hard vegies ready.

Mmmmmmmm Chook done, soft vegies boiling away in the billy above the fire. Our whole dinner was cooked on the fire. Dinner cooked this way really warms the heart and soul! Wish we had more time to cook this way.

After dinner we cooked some marshmellows over the fire.

One happy lil cowboy, Loved his toasted marshmellows.

One happy lil Blue Eyes just happy to eat the normal marshmellow off the end of the toasting stick!

Hope you all had a great weekend. Ours was awesome! Family time, home time LOVE!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Around the house/gardens

We have been having beautiful Autumn weather this week. Clear blue skies, warm sun, cool dry wind, and cold nights. Perfect!

In a few weeks time we are going camping, and need some wood for our fire as it will be very chilly!

So Ben went and got some wood from the timber mill Pa works at. Enough? and only $15!

Our gardens and aquaponics are powering along. Ben has started his new setup for his aquaponics. Will take some photo's of it this week to show you. But for now some of our vegies.

Never really had alot of luck with squash, but this time the weather must be perfect for them. So happy!

The lotsa lemon tree has lots of lemons this year and all bigger and healthier looking the last year.

We have about ummm 40 or more garlic growing strong... We love our garlic!

The Chilli tree in the old aquaponics just wont stop producing. I love how much it is growing but we don't use that much chilli to use them all!! I picked about 50 last week, and yesterday i picked another 60, with alot more still on the tree growing. It is a rating number 5 chilli, but seems to be a little hotter than 5. I think due to being grown in the aquaponics.

Finally our beans, we have 3 of this particular bean growing in 3 different spots, 2 in gardens and 1 in the old aquaponics. Can't remember the name of the bean. I think Scarlet something. But it is yum and growing so well.

It is Saturday, Job day :( Housework is not so fun, but i don't have alot to do, as having yesterday off i did some then as well. So will be able to help ben doing garden stuff (definitely more fun). And this afternoon will be putting a chook in the camp oven to roast for dinner! YUM! LOVE The weekends. Ben is out mowing right now, the job he dislikes the most. But he has an onlooker today, Mr Blue Eyes seems to have fallen deeper in love with his daddy over the last couple of weeks, and is watching him from every angle point possible (high up on the veranda or back landing, far enough away from the noisy scary mower) to watch HIS daddy!!

Hope you all have a great weekend planed :-)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Work days over WOOO!!!!

Both work days are over and done with this week. I do enjoy working, but LOVE being at home with my boys, Enjoying them grow. (as i type this cowboy just walked past in his gumboots, backpack and toy water gun, to go on an adventure! Love it!)

Not much happened besides work the past two days. Working in the cooler months is not as much fun for me. When i get home it is dark. I love the cool weather, but also do like the longer days in summer. I can get more done at home after work. This morning i got the washing off the line that i put out on Tuesday morning :-S Frustrating much!

Anywho, i thought i would share the boys all time favourite dinner! It's a never fail dinner winner! lol

Carbonara, Yum! On a good night they eat 3 bowls full of this. So glad i finally found something they will eat no matter how they are feeling!

Hope your all having a great week, I'm off do to some more jobs! :-)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Yesterday was a very dreary day. Light rain almost all day. Not fun playing weather. So we spent the day inside.. Going crazy!! The boys spent most of their time 'camping' or 'fighting the baddies' and hiding out in their bedroom, which by the end of the day looked like a cyclone hit it! lol. Luckily they were good for me and helped me pack it up before dinner!!

We also made some yummy choc chip pikelets..

They are yummo, so yum in fact the boys ate all except 5. In total there would have been about 20 of them!

Today is shaping up to be a sunny one.. I'm off to work for awhile today. The boys will be off to Nanny's house. And more than likely going camping around her yard. They love this camping thing. Good thing we can take them camping for real and in a couple of weeks time!

Have a good day :-)

Monday, May 9, 2011

My 3 Precious Boys

These 3 boys, made my Mother's Day Wonderful! Some walking, exploring, a big lunch, (a couple of wines for mummy)Cowboy checking on me while we are walking, making sure i was OK! And he also kept telling me 'Mummy you can do whatever you want you know cause its Mothers Day'. I've got one sweet bunch of boys right here. And i LOVE them to bits!

We set out for a drive (after a yummy breaky from Ben) up into the mountains south of us. We were aiming for Kondalilla Falls. But didn't quite know where they were.. We went through maleny first, popped in to see our friend at her market stall there. Went exploring up the main street, alot of shops i would like to go back and look at without little boys just wanting to go to the lolly shop we passed! Kept driving for awhile and managed to find the signs. So we found out it is right next to Lake Baroon.

Some exploring was had at the day use area first. We had a look at the spillway. Water is always fun for the boys. Especially when it is shooting down the spillway like a waterfall.

The entrance for the falls are just below the Lake. So we started off before lunch for a walk. Little did we know until we started it was a VERY long walk. Something Ben and i could handle quite easily, but for 2 little boys who had already some exploring that morning.. Well lets just say it would not end well. So we decided to go to one of the smaller lookouts that is only a couple of K's in and Not 10km's!

This is at Narrows Lookout. Just as exciting for us, as we all have never really seen huge falls, we had fun at this one! We found our way back to the car after exploring. Had only one mini fight from the boys and a little whinging from Blue eyes. It was lunch time. Yummy steak burgers a beer for daddy and a wine for mummy! We then set off home to visit our Mummy's! Wonderful! The weather was perfect. Couldn't have asked for anything better on Mother's Day! I sure as hell aren't letting these 3 boys go anytime soon!

Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day as well xoxox :-)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Need to do more.

So, I have been really lacking the the blogging department lately. Life seems to be taking over alot! I have decided to try and blog every day if not every day, every second day... Will see how this goes. Not much happens during the week in our lives. But you never know the boys always like to surprise us!

I got my Mothers day present last night.. Ben is not very good at holding on to them until the day of suppose to be handing them out! lol. Anyway i got a lovely beanie to wear when we go on our winter adventures! Can't wait to use it. Ben got the boys to draw up a card for me. Hand made is always nice! This morning my handsome cowboy went bolting into the toy room throwing things about and came running out to me with another little mother's day love note for me!! Unprompted aswell! Very sweet!

We have house jobs going on today, cleaning and some gardening. Tomorrow (mothers day) we are going to go for a drive! Can't wait!

Will tell you about it tomorrow!