Monday, May 9, 2011

My 3 Precious Boys

These 3 boys, made my Mother's Day Wonderful! Some walking, exploring, a big lunch, (a couple of wines for mummy)Cowboy checking on me while we are walking, making sure i was OK! And he also kept telling me 'Mummy you can do whatever you want you know cause its Mothers Day'. I've got one sweet bunch of boys right here. And i LOVE them to bits!

We set out for a drive (after a yummy breaky from Ben) up into the mountains south of us. We were aiming for Kondalilla Falls. But didn't quite know where they were.. We went through maleny first, popped in to see our friend at her market stall there. Went exploring up the main street, alot of shops i would like to go back and look at without little boys just wanting to go to the lolly shop we passed! Kept driving for awhile and managed to find the signs. So we found out it is right next to Lake Baroon.

Some exploring was had at the day use area first. We had a look at the spillway. Water is always fun for the boys. Especially when it is shooting down the spillway like a waterfall.

The entrance for the falls are just below the Lake. So we started off before lunch for a walk. Little did we know until we started it was a VERY long walk. Something Ben and i could handle quite easily, but for 2 little boys who had already some exploring that morning.. Well lets just say it would not end well. So we decided to go to one of the smaller lookouts that is only a couple of K's in and Not 10km's!

This is at Narrows Lookout. Just as exciting for us, as we all have never really seen huge falls, we had fun at this one! We found our way back to the car after exploring. Had only one mini fight from the boys and a little whinging from Blue eyes. It was lunch time. Yummy steak burgers a beer for daddy and a wine for mummy! We then set off home to visit our Mummy's! Wonderful! The weather was perfect. Couldn't have asked for anything better on Mother's Day! I sure as hell aren't letting these 3 boys go anytime soon!

Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day as well xoxox :-)

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