Saturday, May 14, 2011

Around the house/gardens

We have been having beautiful Autumn weather this week. Clear blue skies, warm sun, cool dry wind, and cold nights. Perfect!

In a few weeks time we are going camping, and need some wood for our fire as it will be very chilly!

So Ben went and got some wood from the timber mill Pa works at. Enough? and only $15!

Our gardens and aquaponics are powering along. Ben has started his new setup for his aquaponics. Will take some photo's of it this week to show you. But for now some of our vegies.

Never really had alot of luck with squash, but this time the weather must be perfect for them. So happy!

The lotsa lemon tree has lots of lemons this year and all bigger and healthier looking the last year.

We have about ummm 40 or more garlic growing strong... We love our garlic!

The Chilli tree in the old aquaponics just wont stop producing. I love how much it is growing but we don't use that much chilli to use them all!! I picked about 50 last week, and yesterday i picked another 60, with alot more still on the tree growing. It is a rating number 5 chilli, but seems to be a little hotter than 5. I think due to being grown in the aquaponics.

Finally our beans, we have 3 of this particular bean growing in 3 different spots, 2 in gardens and 1 in the old aquaponics. Can't remember the name of the bean. I think Scarlet something. But it is yum and growing so well.

It is Saturday, Job day :( Housework is not so fun, but i don't have alot to do, as having yesterday off i did some then as well. So will be able to help ben doing garden stuff (definitely more fun). And this afternoon will be putting a chook in the camp oven to roast for dinner! YUM! LOVE The weekends. Ben is out mowing right now, the job he dislikes the most. But he has an onlooker today, Mr Blue Eyes seems to have fallen deeper in love with his daddy over the last couple of weeks, and is watching him from every angle point possible (high up on the veranda or back landing, far enough away from the noisy scary mower) to watch HIS daddy!!

Hope you all have a great weekend planed :-)

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