Thursday, May 26, 2011

Easy As?!

As If!! I'm not as creative with 'Names' as i am other things.. So when i thought to myself the other day, I might start thinking of a name to call my lil natural nail venture thingo... (can i use that?!? cause i got nothing much else..) You wouldn't believe the lists and lists and lists i went through with choosing names for our boys.. Ben hasn't said much. Mainly cause he knows how much i will keep thinking and changing my lists lol. The only thing he has said is 'naturally nailed by Cass' lol hmmmm not sure!

What is REALLY easy though, is a cordial recipe my MIL gave me! OMG! Easiest thing ever.. We haven't tested the end result yet, but it smells pretty damn fine!

Forgot to take a 'before' shot, so he is a 'in the midst of mixing' shot with stuff everywhere lol.

Finished product. Orange cordial and lemon and lime cordial. Still have heaps of limes (thank you to Linda the lime lady from the show) and lotsa lemons on our lotsa lemons tree. So will be making more in due course. We don't drink alot of cordial during winter so we will have it for the warmer months. Providing it keeps that long.

These didn't turn out as good as they should have. Didn't quite have enough sour cream for them, so just a little dry.. But the choc fudgeee goodness was still there! yum!

I'm off to work tomorrow, 10am until sometime in the afternoon.... Then on Saturday we are off to Hervey Bay to use Ben's dinner voucher and pick up the battery he won at the fishing comp. We will be staying the night. And we will get a full day up there so might have a look in BCF (Boating Fishing and Camping) shop!! One of our all time Fav's!!

WHoops forgot to mention, the AWESOME win by the Mighty Maroons last night in Origin!! YAHOO!!! I'll leave you on the Awesome note! Bens not impressed he backs the Blues! hehehehehehe :-)

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