Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Yesterday was my Mummy's Birthday.

This is my Mum with Kookie, her local 'friend' who she feeds pretty much on a daily basis! He is getting so attached/tame that he lets mum feed him out of her hand and sometimes just flys in and lands on her to tell mum he is hungry. Well we think it's a he, although some time ago Kookie was taking the meat back to a nest (hollow in a neighbours tree) so we aren't really sure, haven't seen any babies either.

The boys and i went over to my Bro and Sil house for dinner and some cake! yum! I had my fingers crossed big time that Aus Post was going to deliver my Mum's Prez yesterday. But they failed to do that. It was sent platinum express on Monday, and platinum is guaranteed next day delivery.. Not in our region it's not.. Anyway It is very much worth the wait. I came across a wonderful lady on Facebook who has a page called the Crystal Griffin, who stamps sterling silver pendants with what you want on them and adds all sorts of bling to them!

I got mum the family tree! Love it!

Can't wait to get myself one! It comes with a sterling sliver chain as well. My photo just doesn't do it justice!

Tomorrow we are off camping for 6 days! YAY!! I've been busy packing the last few days and organising everything for us to leave early tomorrow morning! Not sure if we are taking the computer, so i may or may not do a post between tomorrow and next Tuesday. But i hope you all have a great weekend. I will take a heap of photo's and do a post on our arrival home!

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