Friday, June 10, 2011

Thankyou BLOGGER!

SO Blogger let me load photo's today, BUT not before not letting me sign into my blogger account.. What the?! I had to reset my password, even though i knew my password. Blogger wouldn't accept it, saying it was incorrect.. Incorrect my bum blogger! Start playing nicely for everyone!!

OK so here are some of our photo's, ben took more than me, his phone battery lasted longer than mine.. Will try get some of his loaded and put up on the weekend.

The view from my camp chair at our fire! LOVE IT!

The boys loved the prospect of going out each morning and seeing where the brumby tracks where, we even found some dingo tracks along the beach each morning as well. The brumbys have sort of taken over Rainbow Beach, walking where ever they want really.. 3 have taken up residence near the camp site we stayed at. You could hear there noises early in the morning. They didn't come too close to our camp ( I was worried they'd get caught up in some of our ropes) and we saw them but didn't get to close to them either, just a quick look from a distance then walked off for more adventures down the beach.

The beach

Blue Eyes being Blue Eyes!

This is our Nephew, he just insisted on me taking a photo of him pretending to surf on this bit of drift wood!!

Off to work for me today, it was a very cold day here yesterday, Boys are still sick. Cowboy getting better. Blue Eyes getting worse. Had a temperature last night, so need to watch him carefully today (well my mum has to anyway!) His cough doesn't sound good, but he doesn't cough very often so, hopefully a nice sunny day (like its shapeing up to be) will do him good!

Catch you all soon :-)

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