Monday, January 17, 2011


The sun is shining bright today, has been for the last couple. It is wonderful. Nice and hot to dry up all the water across our state.. The rain we had has moved slowly down through NSW and is now into Victoria.. They are now flooding in parts.. When will it stop!!!

Onto something cute, lighten the mood a little.. Our boys have finally mastered the peddles on their bikes!! I took a video this morning of them. Of course our dog Bruce had to be in on the act!

They ride their bikes in our carport, it's really the only flat spot to ride. But now they have mastered it, we can take them to our local park and ride the paths and not get in any one's way!

Just a small post today, the boys are a little emotional/dramatic about everything, not sure why but I'll work it out! Catch you all soon :-)

P.s. A big high five and well done to all the volunteers helping everyone clean up across our state! Aussie Spirit is Alive and well!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


This is a photo of my parents back yard looking up towards their house. The house is on the other side of the fence. We peaked at a little over 19.50meters. Thankfully my brother and sister in law were able to travel the back roads to our parents house and help them pack the house up. The water did not reach the house, but if it had gone up another meter it would have.. They will stay at my brothers house for a few days and probably only take the bare necessities back to the house as we are told our long range forecast is for more rain in coming weeks/months :(:(:(
Although they probably don't read my blog 5 of my parents neighbours came to help them move out.. To them i am very very thankful. It is SO nice that their are still people out there willing to help.

Now the rain has moved below us and just to the west of us. We are all thinking of the people in the Toowoomba area and Brisbane area. I hope the rain stops soon so the flooding down there will not be so bad..

Mother Nature can be so cruel, Flooding rains this side, Fire's on the other side of the country (Although i think that may have been reported as deliberately lit) But dry weather over there does not help.

Thinking of everyone Please stay safe xo

Monday, January 10, 2011

Poor Mary..

This is a video of our morning show Sunrise. Our flood update is in the middle of all the other headlines, but when you get to it the footage of all the water is of our town Gympie. The street sign they show is Mary St our MAIN street. The water has already started to get into the main street. and the Mary River has risen just a little over 16m. It has now been updated that the peak will be at 20m.
I feel sick to the stomach about the business's and homes awaiting the water rise and fall to see the damage to it all.. Everyone has moved everything out or are on mercy dash to do it now.. Wishing everyone good luck over the next few days in our area. Stay away from the waters. We cannot get in or out of our town.
My parents are stuck at there house, i will call them later this morn and see how their creek is fairing. My brother is also on the other side of town which was cut off last night..
I hope the video works for you to see.. If not i'll find some photo's some friends have posted on facebook.

Bye for now :-)

P.s. While the video has been loading i called my parents. Their dam is completely covered and water is creeping up the paddock behind their house... You could say they are a little concerned now, but the neighbours have given them a holla and will help move their stuff today.. Thankgod for helpful people! Wish we weren't stuck on opposite sides of town so i could help :( Well me anyway, ben is on his 8th workday today, caught the historical Mary Valley Rattler from gympie station to monkland station over the flood waters to his work to get things up high and dry.. SO much worry, and i can't do a thing but keep my lil boys away from the craze and stay safe at home (or granny's house).

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Rain Update.

I know I said I wouldn't say anymore, but we have had alot of rain over the last couple of days, so much so our river is at moderate flooding. One bridge is under and the others a close to being cut also. 2 Brigdes go to the southside of out town( its call southside but it's not south its to the west, go figure!) the one already cut leads to this side and the other is much higher, but with enough rain in the mountians to the south of us we can flood. My parents live over these 2 bridges.
They are trying this morning to get into town to stock up some food incase the dreaded happens. They house they have also moved into is at danger of flooding.. We thought it was just to the back door step. But recent converstations say its to the back window. Which means all through the house.. They have a shed at the top of the drive which wont get affected, but dad has lot of stuff in it.. Not sure what will happen as i wont be able to get there to help them if it does turn out to be our 1 in 100 year flood (massive in otherwords). Our main street gets flooded half way up (if not further), lots of houses and businesses.. It's not nice.. The last one was 1999 and the river peaked at 21.95 meters. The Mary is currently sitting on 13.69.
So everyone is on the edge of their seats, checking the river height data every half hour.. With more rain predicted today.. It's not looking the best. But fingers crossed MOTHER NATURE gives a little break and the river drops...
We are fine where we live, My brother and his family are on the same side as my parents so they will be stuck over there. Ben's mum and step-dad are fine also. The highway through our town has alot of low spots in it also, so the north and south will but cut.
Ben is currently at work on a Saturday to clear the chillers out, as his work gets flooded aswell and they do not want to loose any stock.. I need to get some food also, but i think its best i wait till he gets home anyway, everyone will be in the shops going crazy this morning. I don't mind what food we get so it doesn't fuss me what's left. All i know is i want to stock our cupboards up in the event of the highway getting cut off for a few days..
Anywho, i'm off to do some of my house chores... What better way to keep your mind off things than cleaning!! Then maybe a game on the Wii with the boys!!
Hope everyone is staying dry and safe! :-)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Just for Something Different...

Now I'm not going to complain a great deal, but for the sake of all the people in central Queensland... Mother Nature we've had enough rain thank you!!! Enough is enough it's time to let it dry out so people get back to their homes!!

It is raining here again.. We live in south - east Queensland which is below central Queensland. We are not affected but it is very sad to see the towns close byish getting hammered by the floods.

Everything is SO wet that there is nowhere for water to go put in big puddles.

I got a call from Ben before to have a look at this. This is our front garden under our steps to the front of our house.

Ben had to dig a make shift drain for the water to get away so it would build up and seep into the bar area.

This is a snap shot of our back yard. Pretty sure if you click on the photo it will enlarge it and you will notice all the little water courses flowing down our yard..

We have had some sunshine recently, on Sunday we got out the Slip and Slide the boys got for Christmas. It was alot of fun on a very hot sunny steamy day!

Slip and Slide.

Wyatt enjoying himself!!

Now to update you quickly on our New years and Christmas days.

New Years was a blast, we had some friends over for drinks and food, played a board game laughed lots. All round lots of fun! We had a visitor at 3.30am in the morning. We all weren't sure if we were seeing things or not, But Ben got a photo of it..

A little Silver Fox came down to visit us.. He Must have been hungry as he didn't run off and got fairly close to us.. We have found out since that they are a pest to our native wildlife etc... He hasn't come back that we've seen anyway, we are not always up at 3.30 am haha. Ben wants to get "rid" of him... I'm not so sure how i feel about it.. I'll get back to you lol.

This is what our Christmas day entailed. Boating, fishing, Swimming a little sunshine lots of food and family!! PERFECT!!

Right now I'm working most days, as it's a couple of weeks to school resumes we have a back to school sale for shoes, lots of parents lots of shoes 4 very tired sales assistants only a couple of weeks into the sale haha, but we will prevail sip on our cold coffee's in between serving and get through it!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New year celebrations, I wish you all the very best for 2011. And a BIG thinking of everyone in central Queensland lets hope the rains let up and we all dry out for awhile. Fingers crossed.