Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Santa dropped by.

Well santa made a special trip to our house yesterday.... And dropped off a trampoline for our boys! We are going away to ben's dads for christmas, so we decided to pick it up early and put it together for them. They LOVE it! They still have some santa sacks santa will deliver at grandads house. This was just a little too big to take with us. Lol. So we are going to be away for a few days, having some fun in the sun. Going to the beach, fishing and boating. Providing we don't get too many thunder storms! Hope your christmas is shaping up well. We are all very excited! :-)

Friday, December 18, 2009

Busy week

This has been one of the busiest weeks, i have had in the lead up to christmas. First of all, on sunday we went to the beach with some lovely friends of ours, it was a fantastic day. When we then stopped in at another close friends house on our way home for some dinner and all our kids to have a big play. Now to monday, i got a phone call early from Ben at work, telling me he had some bone from a cow shatter in his face with some flicking him in the eye. So once i droppe blue eyes at daycare (cowboy protested daycare so he came with) we took Ben to the Doctors. He was ordered to rest and sleep the rest of the day away.

So on to Tuesday, we dropped the boys at their Granny's to make the doctor visit for Ben easier. The doc had a good look and couldn't find any scratches or holes, so he only had swelling and bruising! YAY! He took the rest of tuesday off aswell, as he eye sight was not completely back to normal.

Now comes Wednesday, blue eyes woke with a temperature.. great. Wednesday is also daycare day, mum was a little hesitant to take him, but we organised for me to call once i had done my shopping to see how he was going. Mum said he was fine, so i went home and and wrapped up all and i mean ALL the presents!! Well the boys are also getting a trampoline so that is not wrapped lol! Wednesday night we went looking at christmas light the boys had a blast! And so did i, i just love christmas lights and decorations.

Now to the last couple of days and nights... Blue eyes' temp has been up and down and he has been cranky and irritable. So i've been on nurse duty checking his temp half hourly and dosing him up on medication so we can avoid a febrile convulsion. That would be one christmas present i would not like to get thankyou santa. Yesterday arvo and last night went pretty good, until the early hours of the morning. he woke very hot, he was 38c. Which normally is not to bad a temp, but for blue eyes, the higher range of normal gets him felling very yucky. Then later this morn he hit his magic number 39c. Now we don't know what temp he will convuls at so this is the number i remember when we were in hospital with him. So i try my hardest not to let him over it. luckily i got him down! He is now not so hot, but still very cranky. The only thing it seems to be from is his teeth again! All other teeth are through so i'm thinking its his molars starting to play around... Just as long has they stop moving by next week...

Anyway we have both family christmas do's this sunday, so the boys will have some distractions and some fun! I hope all your christmas preperations are going well! :-)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Trying a photo upload. (from my phone)

I hope this photo works, i'm uploading it from my phone. Fingers crossed! It is a very smiley photo of blue eyes. He doesn't smile in photos much anymore, so this is a beautiful photo. If it doesn't work, i'll repost it when the laptop is fixed!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Just an Update on out laptop/life/events!
We are waiting on a slip in the post to send our laptop away, so the journey has started it's just taking a little while to get it there!

Today I am typing this from our playstation 3! Marvelous piece of equipment it is!

On the weekend just gone we had Ben's work christmas party, usually i leave early and take the boys home. This time i decided to kick my heels up aswell. I got my mother dearest to come pick the boys up after the kiddies entertainment.
Bens employer's put on a big "do". They hire out one of the biggest entertainment centre's in town, put on food, live band, and kiddie entertainment. Not to mention the free beer and wine, and cheaper can's of spirits.
This year the kiddies had facepainting and a magic act. Blue eyes got his face done like a puppy (very cute until the lady showed him in the mirror and he wiped most of it away!) Cowboy was a bit scared of the funny ladies dressed up so he got red back spider on his arm! They also have someone dress as santa and give each child a prezzie!! Lots of fun for the whole family, just what christmas is all about.
The boys left at about 7.30pm after their dinner. So it was time for adult fun! Boy did we have some fun!! I had a few drinks..... Of free wine!! lol. We then went out with ben's co-workers to the local club. I haven't been in their for years, but it hasn't changed, just the youngen's look really really young, or i'm now looking really really old!! lol
None the less we had a great time, Ben's co-worker pulled me up on the dance floor to dance with her, my legs were really sore the next day. I'm really not use the partying!!
We had a couple hours sleep before our body clocks woke us up.. and we then picked up the boys, who had a blast staying at nanny's for the night with their cousins!

Not much else happening around here, getting ready for christmas and such. We've had heaps of tomatoes off our plants and our corn is just about done. Pumpkin vine keeps getting bigger but the pumpkins don't seem to be.. The grass is a little green from some rain last week, but we would all love some more, it's hot like our normal summer's are. But luckily we have air con, so if it gets tooo hot on it comes. I would prefer a pool sometimes but we've had so many "heated" (lol) converstaions about it that i think its time to leave it alone and just enjoy the air con... Or the sprinkler!

Hope your all surviving the heat (or the cool). :) xo

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

laptop... Grrr

I'm currently typing this from my mobile phone... Thankgod (sometimes) for technology! You see our laptop has decided to take a break... It must have thought it was getting used too much and wanted a holiday aswell! The video card in it is playing up again... Yes again! 6 months ago it did the same thing as now. So back to the shop it goes. It's still under warranty yay! So only cost for us is to send it to sydney for fixing! So my post's will be few and far between.. Fingers crossed its back not long after christmas! Hope your having better luck with technology! Xo :-)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Wonderful Woodgate.

We had another wonderful weekend away.
Again we did lots of swimming and playing!

This is cowboy and me at 4.30am ready to leave!
He was half asleep until i said we were going to go see grandma and grandad!!

Not sure if this is sunset or rise, still pretty anyway!
(It's at Woodgate)

Kangaroo's are everywhere in this little town.
The house's have hardly any fencing so they can get through, wonder around and eat.
The males are huge fella's, something i would not like to be cornered by.

This is one of the best spots in town to go swimming with the kiddies.
I think its called walkers point... Will have to check,
I know it's Walkers something
It's on the Burrum River, Burrum heads is on the other side.

Our cowboy and some of his cousin's on our walk.
This path leads right along the esplanade.
And i mean the whole way.
Its a great walk.

The beach..
Very windy, not great for much but to sit and watch.
We did have a swim, but it wasn't as bad as this when we went in.

All the boys having fun at the park.

Sooooo many shells to look at, we had lots of fun searching for pretty ones!
Well it's the first of December today,
So we were finally able to put up Christmas decorations.
Not that we have alot,
just enough to Christmas up the lounge room.
And i did finish the Advent calendar,
I will post some photo's of them all soon.
Hope you all had a great weekend as well :)

Friday, November 27, 2009

Photo Day

Some photo's from our weekend away last weekend.
We will be taking alot more this weekend, as we are going away again!
Hope you all have a great weekend!
Enjoy the photo's :)

The boys had a bunk bed to climb and play on, this is the top bed!

Big day at the beach!

Poor Cowboy did not want to come home, so he put his and blue eye's floaties on in protest and fell asleep.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What a cute couple.

About 2 weeks ago,
we put out some parrot seed in our front garden.
(away from the dog!)
About a week apart we had a male king parrot appear,
Monday just gone we had the female appear.
Today we had them both appear!
King parrots are always in pairs.
I'm pretty sure the mate for life.
So it was finally nice to see the couple turn up for some dinner.

After braving a few attacks from the Magpie's, they ventured down to the fallen seed on the ground.

We have also on occasion had some Rosella's turn up.
Today along with the King Parrots, a pair of Rosella's arrived as well!


What a handsome fellow.

We had seen King Parrots at this house once before,
When we first moved in. (roughly 18months ago)
Our neighbour informed me this afternoon,
while we were watching the birds,
that it is very rare to see them in this area of town.
So i have decided to go by more seed tomorrow,
so they keep coming back.
They are beautiful birds.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Family Fun Weekend.

Our weekend away, was jam packed full of lots of fun!
Swimming, playing, eating, shopping and sleeping!!
The weather was beautiful, we swam in the pool and went to the beach.
The only miss-hap we had was Ben dropping our camera off a high shelf..
(sorry honey, had to explain the new purchase somehow!)
The lens got a big crack down it, so first thing Saturday morning,
after a holiday cooked breaky, we went shopping!
Got a new camera, as Ben described it, it is "sexy" haha
I will post more photo's and give more details into our weekend,
but at the moment our Internet has slowed down because we have
used it a little too much this month... Oops!
And it is painfully slow to load anything...
So i hope you had a great weekend, i surprisingly don't feel overly tired.
After our big weekend of so much play i thought i would be exhausted all over.
Its a good think I'm not tho, we have another weekend planned at the beach this weekend coming.
Oh how i love summer time!!

This is the big pool, Notice baby blue eye's floating by himself and big boy cowboy clinging on for dear life. That's a mistake i have made in not getting our cowboy into water/swimming at an earlier age..
Whether it be swimming lessons or just going to the local pool as often as possible to keep him more confident, i did not do it... But I've learnt from it and this summer will get to the pool more often. Bring on more swimming!! Love it!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

More Teeth.

I have discovered Blue eyes has his bottom 2 eye teeth coming through.
So far there are no temps. But alot of grumbling and being sooky.
They seem to be coming alot faster than his previous teeth.
So fingers crossed they come before any temps do.
This comes as we are going away for the weekend...
I know we have everything prepared and know what to do now,
but i really hope he doesn't have a febrile convulsion while we are away.
Would much prefer to be in our home if/when he has another one..
Well I'm off to keep preparing for the weekend.
Which reminds me i should charge the camera batteries again,
just in case!
Hope your all have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

No seriously, was this MY idea???????

Did i really say i would make an advent calendar for the boys.....
Oh dear...
Well i only have about a week and a half before it needs to be done.
All i really have left is to put it together and put it up.
Seeing as i don't have anywhere to put it once the little bags are made,
it will be a dash at the end of November to get it done.
As i am not allowed to put anything up before December..
Ben's tradition, i find it real hard to stick by and usually get the Christmas box out a few days (week/s) before Christmas and start visualising in my head what and where everything will go!

So this is what I've done so far, miss shapen star's, check
lopsided tree's, check
stockings, check
1 ghostly looking angel, check
(notice just one of these, not a good choice of cutting shape when I'm not so great at cutting)
I will get there in the end, although i think I've changed my mind on what i will fill them with.
Chocolate will melt, so i might get some lollies instead.
**Look what i found at the shops yesterday**
We did our fortnightly groceries yesterday at our local Aldi's.
A few weeks ago they had picnic sets (cutlery plates etc) in their catalogue for $29.99.
I have vowed to never go in on the sale start date again. Way to crazy, the story could probably have its own post..
So instead when we do our shopping i keep an eye out for anything left from the scavengers.
I hadn't seen any of these until yesterday!! I was so pleased.
We had been wanting one for ages, but never purchased one.
In our local camping shop they cost $60 upwards.
It has an insulated section in the back, drink cooler on the side,
extra pocket on the front. And a big compartment with all the utensils!

We have the cutest salt and pepper shakers i have ever seen. Bottle opener.
4 plates, 4 serviettes, and a chopping board.

Cutlery and wine cups!!
I am very happy, now my kitchen items will not get lost amongst our camping items! :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Time Off.

We very rarely go away to stay somewhere as a family, just us or with extended family.
But the last weekend in November, we are going up the road (about 2hours north)
to stay with Ben's dad and step-mum and extended family and friends.
Ben had organised some time off around this weekend.
Turns out his work have also given him this Friday off as well..
So Ben decided to take it anyway, that gives him a 3 day weekend...
He said to me he would like to do something, but it was up to me to decide what and organise it!!
Great, I'm not good at making decisions, and Ben wasn't helping me either *grumble*grumble*
So finally late last night i had an idea. There are lots of holiday parks quite close to us, about an hour's drive. And they are not to badly priced and have loads of things. Pools, play area's, games room and much more, great fun for a family. And if can get us to one near the beach even more fun!!
The one i really really wanted to go to, had a big jumping pillow thing in the ground and a huge beach like pool, but none of the cabins i wanted were left.. bummer.
So I've found one closer to us at Tewantin. Right near Noosa, so we can also go to the Noosa Farmers market on the way home on Sunday!!
Oh my i actually decided on something yeeehaaa!!
This park doesn't have the jumping pillow, but has 2 pools, one for the littlies and one for the big kids!! And it's not that far from the river or beach, so we can also go fishing.
I have all basis covered for the whole family!
Then the following weekend its up north with the rest of the family, to go to the the beach yet again, and probably do more fishing. I think this time of year is perfect to get out to the beaches. Way before the Christmas crowds get in and its way to stinkin hot to sit at the beach at Christmas.
From what i can tell, i think we are going to have a busy silly season, so it is also probably good for us to get away early in the season just as our small family and enjoy some quietness before every weekend becomes party weekends! I'm getting exhausted just thinking about it..

This is something like what we will be staying in on the weekend.


Hope your week is going well, it's very hot here today so we have our air con blasting... Try and Stay cool, we will be ;);)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Golly What a Day!

The hot summer day's are definitely here.
This morning we were talking about our plans for the day.
Our cowboy piped up and said..
"I know lets go to the beach today!"
Unfortunately we had some work planned for the day so no beach :(

Ben purchased some more sheeting to finish some walls off in the bar.

2 new walls YAY.

The corner in the bar is done.

Time to help daddy clean up!

Now it's time for some play time,
Blue eyes in is fave position his frog squat!!

Water time.

Love this photo, its blurry but i love how the water has shown up in it.
And you can see the dog in the background.
He is always near when water is about.

HAHA mum i pulled it out of the tube!

Ahah brother I'm gonna get you!

After a nap in the cool air con,
it was time again to go and play some more.
(frog squat again)

It is finally so nice to see some glimmer of hope
that the boys can
actually play good together.
They had a blast together this weekend.

Even riding the bike was on the agenda.
With some help of course,
little brother can't reach the pedals yet.
Now to our dinner tonight..... EXPERIMENT TIME!!!!
hahahah and did it work out?????
Good question!

I found these skewers in the cupboard earlier in the week,
and it had me thinking all week.
I finally gave in and decided to stack them full and cook em' up.

Don't they look good???
We didn't have alot to put on.
I marinated the beef in a smokey bbq sauce,
added some onion and tomato to the skewers YUM.
Last this afternoon the batteries ran out on the camera,
(just when we had a king parrot come and start eating our bird seed too)
So the final result photo was taken on my phone.
Not as good a photo as it could have been!

But very very yummy.
They worked out just like i had imagined... haha
Hope you all had a great weekend like we did.
It's now time for a nice deep sleep (fingers crossed)
to start the week afresh!