Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What a cute couple.

About 2 weeks ago,
we put out some parrot seed in our front garden.
(away from the dog!)
About a week apart we had a male king parrot appear,
Monday just gone we had the female appear.
Today we had them both appear!
King parrots are always in pairs.
I'm pretty sure the mate for life.
So it was finally nice to see the couple turn up for some dinner.

After braving a few attacks from the Magpie's, they ventured down to the fallen seed on the ground.

We have also on occasion had some Rosella's turn up.
Today along with the King Parrots, a pair of Rosella's arrived as well!


What a handsome fellow.

We had seen King Parrots at this house once before,
When we first moved in. (roughly 18months ago)
Our neighbour informed me this afternoon,
while we were watching the birds,
that it is very rare to see them in this area of town.
So i have decided to go by more seed tomorrow,
so they keep coming back.
They are beautiful birds.


  1. Great photos! They will love the sun flowers Ben has planted out the front too :0)

  2. Oh excellent! Can't wait to get a little closer and take more photo's. xo

  3. Oh my gosh they are gorgeous! And to see them in the wild. Yes, buy more seed so you can take more pics.

  4. I think you should buy some more seed, they are truly beautiful parrots. We don't get them here but we do get the Port Lincoln parrot occasionally which is green all over with a black ring around it's neck, also called ringneck parrot.

    I have noticed we have a few more birds this year maybe because the trees we have planted are getting bigger. I might try the birdseed trick too.