Friday, November 13, 2009

Out in the sunshine.

It's a beautiful hot sunny day here today,
so i thought i would take some photo's of our vegies.
They are starting to really power along!

Corn is going great gun's!

The pumpkin grows a few inches everyday!

And has lots of little pumpkins starting!!

This is one of our palm trees out the front. Not sure what it's called.
But it is flowering and every bug wants a piece of the action!

Native bee's as well as the normal kind of bee you see and
ant's are trying to get some sweetness!

Our Beets have settled in and are now starting to take off.

One of the small tomato plants that emerged from our potting mix fell over and
died so we picked the tomatoes and let them ripen at our window.
We ate them today on our lunch and they were delicious!

We purchased a new umbrella for shade over our outdoor area,
seeing as the first storm we had destroyed our gazebo's..
We moved the table up next to the house,
so everything is a little more protected during our wild storms.
We also were not sure how much the wind would pick up through are yard,
especially after getting under the house built, so it can't go straight under anymore!
Now we know we can prepare and buy things like this wonderful umbrella,
that can easily be put down and moved if need be.

We were thinking of moving the sand pit, to under the back stairs.
But after having all the boys toys in the big pit the last few days,
i kinda like the idea of everything being in one spot for them to dig and play!
Although shade is a problem, it's in the middle of the yard away
from all the shade tree's.
I purchased a beach umbrella ($60) and it's not as big as i had hoped,
and doesn't give as much shade as i would like.
So am thinking of getting something else, easy to move incase
of a storm. So they have some shade at either end, and don't have to fight for it lol.
Tonight myself and the boys are out to dinner with my brother for his birthday
(He turns 30 on Sunday old fart hehehe) Shall be a good night.
My brother has 2 kids and a step daughter, so the boys will have a hoot.
And the place we are going has a kids corner (heaven).
Too bad Ben has to work :(, but he is going for some drinks at a workmates
place after work tonight.
He lives just around the corner so not to far away!
Hope you have all had a great week, bring on the weekend!! xo


  1. The yard is looking great ! Nice pumpkins ! *wink*
    Have fun tonight and wish Matty a happy 30th!
    He's getting old,lol.

  2. Thanks, I thought next year was his 30th, so came as a surprise to me! I found some more lil pumpkins this afternoon!! Some look a little shrivelled up, so not sure if they will make it. See you sometime over the weekend xoxo