Tuesday, November 10, 2009

We have LIGHT!

On the weekend, Ben had the sparky's from his work come and connect the power and the LIGHTS downstairs. So instead of using 1 double power point for, the washing machine, freezer, TV, PlayStation, surround sound and the newly arrived FREE full size bar fridge. We have 3 double power points in the laundry, and 2 fluro lights!! (so happy about them!) And 3 double points in the bar. The bar already had an existing fluro from when downstairs was not built in.

We are on the home straight. Just the walls to finish, we need to put the rest of the sheeting up, plaster and paint. We laid the FREE carpet in the bar last weekend (free from a church house my dad is helping renovate) It looks great. I've forgotten to take a photo of it, I was just a little excited about my lights now working (no more fumbling in the dark or using a torch..)
I'm off to get my hair done tomorrow while the boys are at daycare. Can't wait, I've put it off for far to long! Hope your all having a great week :) xo

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