Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ups and downs.

The way this week is going ( such great behaviour from my boys ) I really do feel like our bad week was just a bad dream. The chart is working great, just what I wanted an needed.

Last week though, I did have trouble trying to get my blue eyes to Kindy. His wonderful teacher asked me to go in today and bake a cake with all the kiddies. They are teachers for reasons. Best idea ever. Blue eyes was so super excited about it. And is very much back into liking Kindy.

All the kiddies swarmed me while I was there.. They are at the age that if you give them attention they LOVE you and the girls pretty much sit on you. I had one gorgeous girl dusting off the spilt sugar off my pants..

There a few special needs kiddies there and the teachers are so patient in spreading their time evenly amongst them all. The routine they have is fantastic that the ones that do need some extra reminding already know what's coming next, so understand. A true testament to how much all kids need routine.

Cowboy turns 6 next week .. Sheesh!! I'm organizing his bday party. With school friends. Pirates are the theme. Photos will be shared. Just trying to figure out what to get him.. Lol

Where has the time gone!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Getting closer!

We are on the home stretch, only 3 more sleeps and Ben will be home!

He worked the weekend just gone, 2 weeks is a very long time without him .. Hence, some misbehavior from the 2 little boys!

They are doing much better now we've got the board going. Just doing silly little smarty pants tactics towards each other now. Lol.

I'm on permanent baby sitting duties for our niece on Monday's and Tuesday's now. Blue eyes and I love it! They are so cute to watch together. They are the same age, but blue eyes tries to pull the I'm older than you card, but little miss pulls him up! They have many tiffs during the day over silly things, and I get caught out giggling over them hehe.

I caught them not long ago, hugging each other and making up! They are best friends again! They grabbed each others hands twirled around singing, we are best friends again! Hehehehe cutie pies!! They are both very tired, it's almost constant play. Cowboy will be tired too, he's learning a lot more during the school hours now. I'm sure there will be fighting this afternoon.. I'll have to keep them all occupied! Lol.

:-) xo

Friday, July 20, 2012


I've been having a little bit of trouble during the week, mainly with the school boy. In keeping his behaviour in check .. He hasn't necessarily been naughty, just doing and saying "silly" things that I'd rather him not do. As the younger one follows suit.

Ben is going to be working some weekends over the next few weeks, so instead of letting it get out of control and me end up with no hair. We've devised a special system. Cowboy came up with idea after I said the scooters will get taken away if anyone is naughty.

I built on his idea today and made a behavior board. 5 crosses in one day and something is taken away, toy, tv time, scooter etc. 5 ticks in one day For doing extra good helpful things for me will get extra time scootering of an afternoon, extra tv time or a special treat. Mummy and daddy get to decide what they get or don't get. And the boys have to move the ticks or crosses themselves so it gives it a little more meaning ... I hope it helps! Lol time will tell I guess!!

Blue eyes has a bad head cold at the moment and I'm trying my best not to get it... I'm not sure I've completely dodge the bullet yet, but so long as we are all sleeping good at night I should be ok! The sun is shining and should be over the weekend yay!!! And Ben has to work booooo!! The boys were looking forward to going fishing in the boat this weekend. They weren't very pleased with the thought of me taking them to fish off the beach.. Don't know why I've caught more fish than Ben lately ;-) hehe!!

Hope you all have a good weekend!! :-) xo

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Winter chills.

We've had some dreary wet weather lately, and the sickness has set in. Everyone bar me so far has had the dreaded head cold. Ben was bordering on the flu. But worked thru it.

Our blue eyes is currently laying on top of me on the lounge. He's all blocked up and has a cough. Poor boy, went to Kindy yesterday, but 6 hrs of constant playing took its toll and he's having a rest day. Not sure if he'll go tomorrow either.

I've been pacing myself, the lack of sleep slowly bulging my eyes out of my head .. Haha! Snuggles on the lounge is the best place to be right now.. Rest for all so the rest (me!) don't get sick too!!!

The sun is out today... Thankfully, so the warmth is wonderful!! :-) :-)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Interesting week.

After such a wonderful time away all of last week, once I'd dropped cowboy off at school on Monday I couldn't get the car to start... Uh - oh...

I got some help from school mums dropping me home and back to my cat once I'd organized racq.. But guess what the car did when he got there.. Started first go. Grumble!

I drove it too a friends place to have a much needed coffee and our boys to have a play. Upon leaving the car wouldn't start again. Oh dear.

I walked home. My friend picked cowboy up from school then me and I got the car to start. Drove it home. Booked in to a mechanic. Found some sensor problems. Got prices on them.

So we had an expected amount as to how much it would cost incl labour..

Eh wrong.. $706 later the car is fixed.. Reason being our car has everything hidden and it takes mechanics forever to take parts out to get where they need to work.. Point being we are definetly now going to work on getting a better more manageable (in all ways) car!!

Here's hoping for a better weekend! Even tho it's looking like cruddy weather, Ben is home so possibly a movie and snuggly cuddle weekend on the lounge!! :-)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Home again..

This week we've been from Moore Park to Gympie .. Back to Moore Park .. Then to Gladestone ... To Rockhampton ... And back to Moore Park today! The last tripping around was to visit Ben. He had a boys night watching a fight night. 2 weeks without seeing Ben is a very long time.

I'm glad to be home, exhausted, missing Ben already, but very contented with our exploring for the week :-)

I've added a few photos from our week of fun :-) :-)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Road trip!!!!!!

Tomorrow we are off to Gympie!! Can't wait to be back at my mumma's house!!

Hopefully i'll get to visit some friends as well as the 2 sets of grandparents.. If I organize my time well enough. It's easy just to sit and talk with the grandies and loose track of time!! But that's also what's so good about visiting. Granny and pa will be taking us to see the Maleny Dairy.. I can't wait for that!!

Off to bed now. Up early to send Ben off to work.

:-) xo

Ps. Photo is of some of my mums flowers from spring last year :-)