Thursday, July 12, 2012

Interesting week.

After such a wonderful time away all of last week, once I'd dropped cowboy off at school on Monday I couldn't get the car to start... Uh - oh...

I got some help from school mums dropping me home and back to my cat once I'd organized racq.. But guess what the car did when he got there.. Started first go. Grumble!

I drove it too a friends place to have a much needed coffee and our boys to have a play. Upon leaving the car wouldn't start again. Oh dear.

I walked home. My friend picked cowboy up from school then me and I got the car to start. Drove it home. Booked in to a mechanic. Found some sensor problems. Got prices on them.

So we had an expected amount as to how much it would cost incl labour..

Eh wrong.. $706 later the car is fixed.. Reason being our car has everything hidden and it takes mechanics forever to take parts out to get where they need to work.. Point being we are definetly now going to work on getting a better more manageable (in all ways) car!!

Here's hoping for a better weekend! Even tho it's looking like cruddy weather, Ben is home so possibly a movie and snuggly cuddle weekend on the lounge!! :-)

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