Wednesday, November 30, 2011


The beach is where we seem happiest.

My cowboy is adjusting so well with the move. Taking daddy's orders of being "the MAN of the house" very seriously!!

Blue eyes on the other hand, is taking his time. And making it difficult for us. Well me.

But as soon as our feet hit the sand and our eyes land on the surf, everything is forgotten and we have the most fabulous time together. If it was feasable to spend all day everyday at the beach we would, but then we wouldn't acquire our new routine we are aiming for.. We will get there, you don't get anywhere without some hard work, some patience and ALOT of positive thoughts!!!

Tomorrow we are off to get a new Christmas Tree!! Woohoo!


Thursday, November 24, 2011

A few photo's for you.

This is our kitchen looking from the dining table. I've never had so many cupboards in my kitchen before love it!

Looking from the edge of our kitchen over to the dining and lounge room. There is a whole other side opposite these rooms will take more photo's today.

The one bedroom upstairs we have turned into the toy room. Think the boys are happy?!

The toy room has a walk in rob that we will turn into the office.

We've already turned our front door into the beach house, boardies, towels, hats and beach bag at the ready!!

Bruce is not only good company his lead is excellent for holding our thongs while on the beach.

There is a huge path that runs along the esplanade, Great for riding on!


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

We are HERE!

We had a MaSsIvE weekend of moving, I still have LoAdS of unpacking to do. But it can all take its time. Especially when we've got some fun to be had at the beach!


Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I've been living in limbo land for the last 6ish weeks, well actually going onto 7 weeks i think.. Ben is enjoying his new job. Having alot of learning curves, inlcuding some that are bad days. But that's all how you learn. After 6 weeks, we FINALLY have someone to rent out our house. We had to drop the price a little to generate more interest in it and it worked YAY!! Ben applied for a house at Moore Park Beach on the weekend, and we've been accepted for it DOUBLE YAY!! Now just to work out with the real estate when it will be ready for us to move in etc. Book the hire truck for us to move all our belongings out of the storage shed.. So we are getting there.

On other news, within a week both of our closest friends are moving.. Tadd is doing wonderfully in the army, so Tadd, Erin and their 3 boys will be posted up to Darwin in the NT after he complete's his training.. And my chocolate making friend and her hubby are moving back to Canada, big move, but something that will make them so super happy. So i am personally glad we will be able to move or be in the process of organising things to move at a similar time as i will need the distraction, to keepy my mind off close friends moving as well.. Thankgod for wonderful technology to keep in touch. Of course not the same as a letter in the mail. But we will do those to. The boys are really good at collecting things, so special mystery boxes will be sent off everywhere!!

Hope everyone is well in blog land! I'm off to wait for more news from the real estate! :-)