Thursday, November 24, 2011

A few photo's for you.

This is our kitchen looking from the dining table. I've never had so many cupboards in my kitchen before love it!

Looking from the edge of our kitchen over to the dining and lounge room. There is a whole other side opposite these rooms will take more photo's today.

The one bedroom upstairs we have turned into the toy room. Think the boys are happy?!

The toy room has a walk in rob that we will turn into the office.

We've already turned our front door into the beach house, boardies, towels, hats and beach bag at the ready!!

Bruce is not only good company his lead is excellent for holding our thongs while on the beach.

There is a huge path that runs along the esplanade, Great for riding on!



  1. Looking good! Youve made it homely already :0)
    Cant wait to come up and visit.
    Love to you all xo

  2. Looks and sounds like a lovely place to live Cass.