Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Green thumb.

My little blue eyed gardener helped me plant some seeds today. Basil and rosemary. And tend to our parsley.

He is such a good helper!

:-) xo

Monday, May 28, 2012

Oh you Cress Head!

Last Thursday Blue Eyes did a lot of gardening at Kindy. All the kiddies planted some herbs and veggies and they made a worm farm with 1200 worms!! Lol.

They also planted a heap of Cress seeds in a decorated cup! As you can see its growing great guns!! Blue eyes is very pleased with his gardening efforts!! :-) xo

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Keeping the troops happy!

When we go fishing I never know how much food we'll eat.. So I practically pack the whole pantry!! But it's all good yummy food :-).

We are off fishing now, it's a beautiful sunny day! Xo :-)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Under 8's fun day!

Today was a special day at Cowboys School. Under 8's fun day. Lots of activities set up and run by the grade 7's. It was so full on and full of fun I only took 2 photos.... At the necklace making stand... Although they spent most of the time eating the fruit loops!! Lol!! We played with goop, bubbles, paints, balloons. On obstacle courses, police car, rural fire brigade truck with hose going spraying water, surf life saving boat! And that was only half of it!! Blue eyes is buggered, can't imagine how the school kids will get thru the rest of the school day!! But it's Friday!! Yay!! Ben is home tonight!! Can't wait :-) xo

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sniffle time.. Yuk!

The cute monster in the photo and his older brother are sharing their snot around the house.. Too ME!! Just slight head colds at this stage.. The wonderful sniffly times of winter are a coming! And with both associating with lots of other kiddies... We are bound to get sniffly this year.. Ugh!

Xo :-)

Ps. I made the bag in the pic as a library bag for mr blue eyes.. He loves it! It's basic, but I had fun!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

I'm-a-Practicing! :-)

Totally in love with my new Mini Elna Sewing Machine!! Getting alot of practice in!! The pillow on its on was my first go. The other pic was today's efforts! I'm getting there, having alot of fun doing it too! That's the best part ;-p :-) :-) xo

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Getting my collection going!

Added a tall spaghetti jar to my glass jar collection / new obsession! I need more... Lol.

You can tell I'm a bit of a mixed bag by the handful of jars I have... Only 2 match!! Haha!!

Also purchased myself a basic sewing machine today. Very happy with it. Will be trying to get it going later today after I pick up the boys..

Wish me luck!! :-) xo

Monday, May 14, 2012

Missing my gardening..

We went to Gympie for the weekend, for mothers day and to do some gardening at our house. It was so lovely to see everyone and garden hehe!!

It was mainly weeding, but when I've got no edible garden to nurture up here I miss it!

I came home with a parsley plant, that was planted not long before we left, so far it's surviving ( I've got something to nurture now ;-)) and some (garbage bag full) of basil cuttings.. To show how much I'm missing plants, I just picked all the basil leaves off so I can dry and use them.. Ben thinks I'm crazy, but I'm sure he would have done the same if my dad wasn't around!! Lol oh and some of our ceramic pots.. They are just begging me to fill them with herbs too!!

Today is a rest day, after a big weekend and a 3am wake up to send off for Ben then back up at 6am for the day. Motivation is lacking. Lol. I get the enjoyable jobs done on Monday's!!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! :-) xo

Ps. Photos are of Parsley, bowl of Basil leaves and the leftover stalks from the Basil!!

Friday, May 11, 2012


Cowboy had s special job today, all the preps had their mummies in to school for morning tea and some spoiling.

It started with a hand soak, then hand massages with moisturizing cream. Then a neck, shoulder and back massage. All the while scented candles were burning in the classroom and beautiful music was playing.

Before we left, we all got to sit on the carpet with our prep for some big snuggles while more beautiful songs were played!

Perfect! Love my big boy!

:-) xo

Thursday, May 10, 2012

One Day!

There are a handful of these fruit and veg stalls on the way into town. How cute is this one!

One day we will have our own!! Long distant future dream, but it will happen!!

:-) xo

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Toothbrush holder.

My little blue eyes broke the toothbrush holder last week... So instead of buying another nice ceramic one. I made one, well decorated it myself!

I've been collecting glass jars, so used a small one of those, fabric, string and glue.. Glueing the string on with the hot glue gun was the hardest part.. It won't win any prizes, but it's jazzed up a glass jar. I'm happy, and the boys like it!

School and Kindy for the boys tomorrow! Yay for a little peace and stillness in the house for a few hours!

:-) xo

Monday, May 7, 2012

Quick pic!

Just a quick pic to show you how beautiful it was out on the water today. 3 fish in the freezer now. A trevally, and bream from me and a massive bream from Ben!

We had a great day :-) xo

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Snacks done.

My post is brought to you today by the Blogger App I found and installed on my iPhone!

AND I can post my photos with it!

Although I have no idea in which order the photos will be.. Lol.

Today I baked up a storm, Choc Zucchini Cake, Milo Cookies, Savoury Biscuits and Piklets. All of which gets frozen and used when ever a hungry need arises!

The Savoury Biscuits are a recent discovery and will post the recipe soon for it. It's very easy!

Ben is now making some dips for our afternoon snacks and tonight we are off to the Bowls Club for dinner. $10 for adults and $5 for the kids... Can't go wrong for an easy Sunday night dinner!

:-) xo

Ps. Like the new design?! Still got some fine tuning to go, but I like it!!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Saturday rehabilitation.

I've worked out how to post from my iPhone whoo!! But can't post pics yet.. This will make blogging more accessible for me! We are currently sitting outside around a fire.. Nothing more comforting! Today included boating and fishing. Ben and I both caught an edible fish for dinner yum! Last night I got the chance to go to bens sisters house (she lives 30 seconds from our house.. Literally!). We had a wine, movie and child free night. Was excellent to sit and talk "rubbish" with no little ears to worry about or their voices intruding! Ha! Tomorrow will bring some baking for the following weeks snacks! I do love a day in the kitchen after a relaxing day of fresh air on the boat.. All things I love! :-) xo

Friday, May 4, 2012

Less Plastic

I'm slowly but surely on my way to reducing my plastic container/packaging usage.. Today i purchased the first of many, a new big glass jar to store flour.. I'm doing more cooking/baking than ever. With Cowboy at school and Blue Eyes going to Kindy a couple of days a week I need good lunchbox food for them.. Not to mention treats for afternoon tea.. They just don't stop EATING!!
I think that is how i'm going to aim to change this blog. An outlet for what i use it for now, but also I might try add in another tab so i can share my recipes, my folder of favourites is HUGE! and I'm always finding new recipes or re-designing them for the way i want to cook them.. Wish me luck re-designing this thing.... xo :-)

Thursday, May 3, 2012


I went and picked Ben up from the work house yesterday. He's now at home recovering. He was very stiff and sore, but getting better each day. The rehabilitation for him tonight involved, putting the boys in the shower for me, drying and dressing them. Then doing some drying up after I did the dishes.. I'm enjoying having him here safe and sound, even if he is getting a little bored! I would have taken a pic, but he is good at evading the camera! ❤😊

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Trust your gut...

I went off to bed last night feel really good had a great day with Blue Eyes and babysat my neice for the day. It was great. Once i got into bed though i had one of those weird bad feelings that something bad was going to happen.. Usually when i get these feelings i send a text message to Ben and ask him to be careful just incase.. Don't know why i didn't last night.. But i should have. Woke up this morning feeling great, Blue Eyes only woke up once and no wetting of the bed was had.. Perfect way to start the day Plus Blue Eyes woke up HAPPY as he had a good sleep too! Not long after being up though a received a call from my sil who got a call from my fil... Ben had been in a car accident.. See trust your gut.. He is ok. Got rear ended on his way to work, had some tests done at the hospital and all turned up clear. Just very sore. If it was more serious i would most definetly had gone today to see him. Depending on how he wakes up tomorrow will see if he's up to working the rest of the week.. What a day! xo