Thursday, February 25, 2010

Have i got a guessing game for you!!!

Every so often i am reminded of why i take my blue eyes with me to have a shower... I have a photo below for you, this is what my blue eyes was doing ever so quietly while i was showering this morning. I did notice the quietness while in the shower and called out to big brother cowboy and asked what was going on, he came in and said everything was A-OK mummy!!!

This is what i found upon walking into my kitchen, after already cleaning the floors before having my shower!!

Can you guess what it is?? Good luck!!

Yesterday i attempted baking some mini cupcakes, my step-mil gave me this book and mini silicone tray for Christmas.

I was very excited when i got it. I've mentioned before I'm not the greatest baker.. I've perfected my bread, I'm ok at cakes. Muffins, cupcakes and scones always seem to end in disaster. So the batch i made yesterday were definitely not up to scratch for a photo session! I thought that the silicone tray meant i didn't have to put the cupcake papers in, but no matter how long i cooked them for they fell apart when i took them out.. The mixture tasted good, its just in a big pile of crumbs. My next attempt will be with the papers!

This weekend we are going away again! This should be the last weekend away for a while. Our very close friends purchased tickets to Movie World for our Christmas present. So we are off to the Gold Coast for some beach time and some fun at Movie World. I'm charging the batteries on the camera as i type this so we should have heaps of photo's to share! Cowboy is very excited and has been asking every morning if its time to go away with his cousin's. And is very disgruntled when i say not yet.. He will be over the moon tomorrow morning when we say its time to go!

Hope your having a great day, its raining on and off here, so it's a little cooler. not as humid as yesterday. Fingers crossed it clears up for our Movie World day!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A little something to brighten your day! It sure brightened mine!

I just had to, this photo is a keeper! My baby/toddler/big boy in training mr blue eyes. Is learning how to have his day time nap on his big bed, not a cot! So far he's being doing great and not moving off the bed. I just went in to check on him, and i could not find him anywhere. I actually started to panic, but then realised he can't get out of the room so he's got to be here somewhere. And this is where i found him!

Under his old cot! I took the side off it incase he wanted to sleep in it, but he decided under was better! I had to leave the room so my laughing wouldn't wake him up.. Just goes to show, when your dog tired you WILL fall asleep anywhere!! hehe

Hope this brightened your day up :)


Last week, i receieved 2 awards from my mil. I only just worked out how to put them on my blog!! Here they are! I am going to pass them on, i don't follow alot of blogs but these are a couple that i love to read!

And of course i love reading my mil's blog but she has already recieved the awards, and she knows i love her!!


Monday, February 22, 2010

Time at home!

We had some great time at home on the weekend. Ben got heaps of jobs done, i got most of mine done, except washing! Rain :(. But when the sun was shining we tried to get outside and do some jobs. Ben got the mowing done, i pulled the pumpkin vine out, and we both discovered our eggplant plant was bearing 2 eggplants Woohoo. Poor plant has been hidden by the pumpkin vine, but now its free!! Now it's time to get our vege garden re-fueled and planted for some winter vege's!! mmm yum can't wait!!

This is our little vege garden. It needs some work. The pile at the bottom of the photo is the pumpkin vine!

Poor plant. This is our Egg Plant plant. Even though it has been neglected, it's producing! The pumpkin vine grew around it and was hard for us to get to it. The grasshoppers have enjoyed the leaves, I don't know if egg plant is fruit or vegetable, but ours are doing great!

The boys pretending to mow with their wagons. (trying to help daddy out!)

Bruce getting in on the fun!

Hope you had as good weekend as we did!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Its all paid off

Last september for my birthday, my wonderful husband organised some glamour photo's. He originally wanted them just of me, but i wasn't quite comfortable with that and convinced him to join me. I think it was a great decision, as we still got individual photo's of us. Anyway, the sitting for the photo's doesn't cost much, its the actual photo's, photo book, and canvas we decided on that cost a bucket load! We finished paying them off at the start of January. And i got a call the other day to go pick them up. A friend of ours had some photo's to pick up at a different shop, so we drove down to the coast together. The boys stayed at my mums so we got some quiet girl time away from them lol. My friend took me to this wonderful chocolate cafe, where they put chocolate in everything! Shakes, sundae's, coffe, hot chocolate, fondue. They even have this donut looking pastry things, that you dunk in melted chocolate. We had one of them and a mango shake with melted white chocolate! We felt a little unwell after, but it was worth it! We picked up our photo's and went home. The photo's below are some of ours. There is about 8 photo's in total. The first one is the one we chose to have on canvas and it looks amazing! Well worth the waiting to pay it off! Hope you enjoy our photo's!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I have come to the realisation tonight that in 5 and a half weeks, our little baby turns 2! In the last few weeks he has taken a handful of big steps, finally grasping talking and not groaning, screaming and mumbling as much. And deciding he wants to toilet train himself (we are in the midst of this now) It is on his terms though, i just get to clean the mess up. He wants to wear undies so not as wide spread mess as it could be!

Just to think 2 years ago being heavily pregnant with a 2 year old, now being the mother of an almost 2 year old and an almost 4 year old, it baffles me.. We are doing a pretty damn good job! Of course they fight constantly, it is subsiding but hey they are boys, aren't boys suppose to have the worst sibling rivalry?? Simple things like this is what i need to remind myself and Ben with on the days where we are not mummy and daddy but security guards on crowd control!!

Not long after our blues eyes birthday, (I'm pretty sure I've worked it out to be the 9th of April, the week leading up to Easter last year) will be a year since his first febrile convulsion. He has not had any since his mild one last September. He has only had one bout of temperatures since then just before Christmas, so he is going strong now. I did read somewhere in the wonderful world of the web, that the time frame between them does expand as they get older, between the first and second was about 4 and half months. We are now on 5 months since the last. I think somehow i will be walking on eggshells for the next few months! We seem to have a good routine down when he starts to look and feel a little ill.

Enough of that, The other photo's i uploaded are of what our bamboo will look like. I love them! Now its time for bed!! :-)

This is our little blue eyes from our first skiing trip a couple of weeks ago.

This is what our Malay Dwarf Varigated Bamboo will look like.

This is called a Timor Black Bamboo, which i am pretty sure is what my dad gave to Ben.

Monday, February 15, 2010

What a weekend!

Blogger is being funny with my photo uploads today. So they are all one after each other and i can't write inbetween them.. So the first two are of our new bamboo plants, what they look like and where the 12 of them went! My dad helped us out in getting these. They are Malay Dwarf Variegated, so they only grow to a max of 3 meters high, and Australia is only allowed to sell the clumping variety the other variety that pops up everywhere all over the yard is illegal here. So we know for sure it will stay where we planted it! My dad also purchased a special one for ben (my dad loves ben.. he is always buying him things for the garden!! he's a lucky boy!) Can't completely remember the name of it and it's raining so i'm not ducking outside the check it. But its bamboo stalks are black, it still has green leaves, it looks magnificant. In my next post i will find some photo's off the net of fully grown bamboo's of the varieties we got so you know how they will look in a year or 2's time! The black one is bigger than the first one i mentioned, so we need to find a higher space to put it!! So our saturday was filled with digging holes and getting the plants ready for planting.

On sunday, we were invited to go Water skiiing again. We were tossing up whether to go or and decided to go, as this was that last time this summer our friends parents were taking out the boat. We had a blast, (that is what the other photo's are about!). We went to Somerset Dam, which is about 2 and a half hours drive from our town. Ben and i both did an excellent job, much easier for us to get up and stay up than a couple of weeks ago when we went! Our landing's left much to be desired, we just kept going until would couldn't hold on anymore, Ben went over backwords and i did a great nose dive! Luckily noone was around with the camera!! The dam has a roped off section just for swimmer's so the boys had fun swimming and playing in the water.

They also have tube's to go behind the boats so we had a go at them aswell, heaps of fun!! It gets a bit rough at times but just trying to hold on and not get tipped off is the fun of it all! I'm a little sore today, the boys had so much fun yesterday they are a little cranky today, they did no fighting at all while swimming that they are catching up on it today with non-stop fighting. Blue eyes is sleeping it off now, and will be up again soon ready to do it all again!! So that means it's time for me to get off here and start organising dinner, so we can have more time playing outside in the cool before dinner! (providing it's not raining!) I hope you all had a great weekend, hopefully the photo's load up properly, silly blogger!!

Friday, February 12, 2010


This morning while Angus and i were cleaning our teeth, somebody knocked at our front door... It was the delivery man, dropping off our parcel, which happened to contain our laptop!!! YAY jump for joy!! The motherboard and a fan have been replaced!! I'm so happy!! Now i can get back to doing normal post with lots of photo's!!

We also had some other men over this morning pottering around in our ceiling, laying down insulation for us. We have taken advantage of the government grant and had it installed. The other great thing about it was, we didn't have to contribute any money, our house was small enough for the grant money to cover it!! Double YAHOO!!

This afternoon, Ben, myself our boys and my dad are going to a local bamboo nursery. My dad has recently planted bamboo in his yard (not the horrible spreading ones, they are illegal here) these are clumping varieties, they stay were you plant them!! Anyway, dad's bamboo look amazing and are a fantastic screen plant. Much cheaper along the fence line, than a fence that will cost alot more (it will be done just not right now). There are soooo many different varieties to choose from, some start from as little as $10 a plant!! And they grow pretty fast too! Now that our laptop is back i will post some photo's of the plants we buy!!

Anyway, i best go do some work while the boys are at nanny's house, i must admit though i have been sitting and playing with the laptop for nearly an hour now, i think i missed it more than i realised!! Hope your all having a wonderful day! :-)

Thursday, February 4, 2010


These are our second go at carrots. Still a little odd shaped and small, but still edible. I think i'm going to roast these little babies! On the computer front, we are still waiting! I got a little impatient and called them.. They are waiting on a new motherboard for it, which needs to come from overseas. And they couldn't give me a time frame.. Grrr. At least i know its getting fixed! We are planning to spend a few weekends at home for awhile now. After two weekends away camping, and water skiing on the weekend just gone. (it was fantastic. My second time, ben's first, we had a blast). It's time to catch up on our jobs, and finish some projects! :-) i can't wait.