Thursday, February 25, 2010

Have i got a guessing game for you!!!

Every so often i am reminded of why i take my blue eyes with me to have a shower... I have a photo below for you, this is what my blue eyes was doing ever so quietly while i was showering this morning. I did notice the quietness while in the shower and called out to big brother cowboy and asked what was going on, he came in and said everything was A-OK mummy!!!

This is what i found upon walking into my kitchen, after already cleaning the floors before having my shower!!

Can you guess what it is?? Good luck!!

Yesterday i attempted baking some mini cupcakes, my step-mil gave me this book and mini silicone tray for Christmas.

I was very excited when i got it. I've mentioned before I'm not the greatest baker.. I've perfected my bread, I'm ok at cakes. Muffins, cupcakes and scones always seem to end in disaster. So the batch i made yesterday were definitely not up to scratch for a photo session! I thought that the silicone tray meant i didn't have to put the cupcake papers in, but no matter how long i cooked them for they fell apart when i took them out.. The mixture tasted good, its just in a big pile of crumbs. My next attempt will be with the papers!

This weekend we are going away again! This should be the last weekend away for a while. Our very close friends purchased tickets to Movie World for our Christmas present. So we are off to the Gold Coast for some beach time and some fun at Movie World. I'm charging the batteries on the camera as i type this so we should have heaps of photo's to share! Cowboy is very excited and has been asking every morning if its time to go away with his cousin's. And is very disgruntled when i say not yet.. He will be over the moon tomorrow morning when we say its time to go!

Hope your having a great day, its raining on and off here, so it's a little cooler. not as humid as yesterday. Fingers crossed it clears up for our Movie World day!!


  1. Lol....sugar?? His daddy use to do the same,but would also add flour and milk!and anything else he could find,and knew he shouldnt touch!
    So much funnier when its happening to you for some reason ,lol. xxxxxxx

  2. No Not sugar! He had to climb higher into the cupboard to get this one! And my cranky mummy skills didn't work to well today, i was laughing while saying NO, so he was smiling at me thinking it was funny too... So it's bound to happen again soon!

  3. Love the new header xx
    I just changed mine too..again!

  4. Um, not sugar so I pick flour? Baking soda? Baby powder?

  5. lol We've had the powder happen once before, it was put everywhere, even in my pots and pans. They were pretending to cook!! This time it was almost a full shaker of table salt!!