Monday, February 15, 2010

What a weekend!

Blogger is being funny with my photo uploads today. So they are all one after each other and i can't write inbetween them.. So the first two are of our new bamboo plants, what they look like and where the 12 of them went! My dad helped us out in getting these. They are Malay Dwarf Variegated, so they only grow to a max of 3 meters high, and Australia is only allowed to sell the clumping variety the other variety that pops up everywhere all over the yard is illegal here. So we know for sure it will stay where we planted it! My dad also purchased a special one for ben (my dad loves ben.. he is always buying him things for the garden!! he's a lucky boy!) Can't completely remember the name of it and it's raining so i'm not ducking outside the check it. But its bamboo stalks are black, it still has green leaves, it looks magnificant. In my next post i will find some photo's off the net of fully grown bamboo's of the varieties we got so you know how they will look in a year or 2's time! The black one is bigger than the first one i mentioned, so we need to find a higher space to put it!! So our saturday was filled with digging holes and getting the plants ready for planting.

On sunday, we were invited to go Water skiiing again. We were tossing up whether to go or and decided to go, as this was that last time this summer our friends parents were taking out the boat. We had a blast, (that is what the other photo's are about!). We went to Somerset Dam, which is about 2 and a half hours drive from our town. Ben and i both did an excellent job, much easier for us to get up and stay up than a couple of weeks ago when we went! Our landing's left much to be desired, we just kept going until would couldn't hold on anymore, Ben went over backwords and i did a great nose dive! Luckily noone was around with the camera!! The dam has a roped off section just for swimmer's so the boys had fun swimming and playing in the water.

They also have tube's to go behind the boats so we had a go at them aswell, heaps of fun!! It gets a bit rough at times but just trying to hold on and not get tipped off is the fun of it all! I'm a little sore today, the boys had so much fun yesterday they are a little cranky today, they did no fighting at all while swimming that they are catching up on it today with non-stop fighting. Blue eyes is sleeping it off now, and will be up again soon ready to do it all again!! So that means it's time for me to get off here and start organising dinner, so we can have more time playing outside in the cool before dinner! (providing it's not raining!) I hope you all had a great weekend, hopefully the photo's load up properly, silly blogger!!

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  1. The bamboo is going to look great!This rain will settle them in nicely :0)