Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Movies, Beach, FUN!!

Our Weekend was Fantastic, We went and stayed with our good friends at Noosa. So that we could not only go the beach in the beautiful winter sun and play and fish, but a certain movie came out this week that some certain boys wanted to see!

Toy story 3!!!

Together our friends and ourselves have 5 boys! Both our youngest are the same age, so they were to stay with the dad's whilst us mummy's went and enjoyed the cinema without 2 year olds mucking about. But our friends middle (same age as cowboy) had been a little naughty the past week and was not aloud to go, so their youngest joined us and was really well behaved. The 3 that we did take were great. This was cowboy's first cinema experience, and he loved it! The movie was great aswell.

After the movie and some lunch we went for a hike to a special fishing spot the big boys have been wanting to try. And it was definetly a hike to get to it. The lil boys played on the beach whilst the big boys scaled the cliff face to get some good fishing done. It was such a beautiful winter day sun out hardly any wind perfect for a beach play.

The View looking down to Sunshine Beach

The cliff was very high and the water very deep!


We spent the whole afternoon at the beach playing and hiking the cliff. The boys got a little cold/ tired / bored waiting for their daddy's to pack up.

So it was time to snuggle all together!

I have a couple of busy days ahead of me, organising to go up to Ben's dad's place on the weekend for a visit. And its Granny's birthday on saturday so she is coming over for dinner at our house on friday night, and Cowboy wants to bake her a cake aswell, so tomorrow we will be having some fun in the kitchen!

Hope your all having a great week! :-)

Monday, June 28, 2010


I've been trying to convince Ben to do a post on our blog. But it hasn't been working.. So instead I've decided to do a post about him!

My Husband is very good at many things. Anything he puts his mind do and wants to learn about he can do it. He is wonderful at gardening, he knows alot about fishing and camping which is why we love to go and do those things so much. He is also really good at photography. Anyone can take photo's and the programs now are good at fixing the colour etc. But Ben seems to have a good eye for finding good angle's/positions etc (I'm not so good with the photography lol)

I uploaded some of Ben's photo's. There are alot more, but they are all over the place and tricky to find on the computer. A couple of these he has fiddled with, i think just the flower photo's. I hope you enjoy them as much as i do!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Not how it was planned.

Today was not the Friday i had planned... We were suppose to wake up early to drop off a gazebo to my good friend who is having a stall at our local markets for the chocolates and spices her and her husband are making (will have to do another post just on them, they are great!). Then getting all our hair cut by our hairdresser friend who lives up the road. Then it would be time to go off to work to then get home and get ready for our weekend.


As i went to bed last night i was feeling quite yukky on the inside. As the night went on i felt worse then the early hours of the morning, spent a bit of time in the toilet.. Not happy.. So today i have spent most of the day snoozing on the lounge, whilst my wonderful husband and boys help me out. Cowboy was getting me blankets and making sure i had a drink. Blue eyes kept asking if i was asleep or awake and if i was ok and gave me good snuggles. We still got all our hair cut which helped me to feel abit better. Am still not eating much but feeling much better than this morning. Just like my mum (who hardly ever gets sick, but when she does spends almost a whole week in bed And Ben's mum aswell, must be a mum thing lol) when i get sick i really get sick. Last year i didn't get the flu just normal manageable colds. But at the end of the winter season got a real bad stomach bug. The year before the flu really bad. This year a bad cold that morphed into a stomach bug.. I prob wont get sick again this winter.. I hope!!

Anyway, tomorrow is the weekend, we are going to go stay with our friends at Noosa. And take the big boys, Cowboy and his older cousins to see the new Toys story movie. Cowboy is almost beside himself. He's never been to the movies, and i haven't been in a long time. So I'm just as excited!! He got his Woody doll ready last night to take with us. Very cute.

Well its time for me to start thinking about some dinner.. Ben has gone off to work to help finish the night shift, now that i am feeling abit better.. Hope you all have a good weekend.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Water Water everywhere!

Ben has a new project at the moment. Setting up to do aquaponics. Similar to hydroponic, but he has fish in a tub and that water is pumped through the plants he is growing which waters and fertilizes them. He had it all going really well, the Wong bok seeds even starting to sprout..

When i went down to hang the washing yesterday morning there was water all through the laundry.. I thought it was from the washing machine, but it doesn't use that much water. Upon investigating, i found the goldfish swimming in their tub with about half and inch of water! The boys and I saved them. Ben thinks the tube that pumps the water up to fill the plant tub flicked out and pumped water everywhere but on the plants!.

At the start of Ben setting it up.

We would have had some other photo's of it completely set up, but Ben decided to move it yesterday after fixing it, and the tubs broke :( He had to once again save the fish. Which got pelted with the rocks into the round. So today he went and purchased some stronger tubs. So i will post some photo's of the finished project, when its finished! lol

Ben is wanting to put some eating fish in there, so he's not only growing vegies but growing some meat as well! The goldfish are his trial to see how it goes and get it working.

Anyway i need to go, Blue eyes has just broken his lamp in their bedroom! Never a dull moment with these boys around! (that's including Ben!!)

Sunday, June 20, 2010


The snot monster has returned, and this time has sucked me into its wrath!!! Ben is over his now, Cowboy not to bad, Blue eyes, well he is the worst! We had an excellent week aswell. We are all seeming to get into the new groove, but now we've gone down hill. Cowboy had a few "accidents"in his sleep this week, but has worked through, i slowly got some washing done around the crappy cloudy raining weather and working. Although cowboy's beloved stuffed dog "Charlie" had to make a visit to granny and pa's house for a free ride in the dryer lol.

Blue eyes has spent the last 2 nights not sleeping alot and not breathing too well either. This morning was a very early morning for us, 4.30am,I think it was that we were all woken up and couldn't go back to sleep. And it has been the coldest morning yet this winter in our house. Not cool with the snot monster about as the heater is our reverse cycle air con window unit. And if it isnt turned on early enough can't heat up properly in the cold... So no heater at present :( But lots of layers and blankets. The boys have fallen asleep on the lounge whilst watching a movie. Ben cooked me a very yummy breakfast. Now its time to get a move on, get ready and maybe go for a drive to our local dam for a looksee. As well as our washing because the suns OUT!! yay!!

Hope your having a great weekend, Keep rugged up and stay away from me so you don’t get sick!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Garden catch up.

Firstly to the *NEW*

These are our potatoes and eggplant Ben harvested last weekend, and the avo's we purchased from a farm stall on the way home from fishing last week also. All tasted very yummy!

Yay some new tubs for more vegies!! We got these off my parents old house. Its a *borrow* the same way my dad has *borrowed* our gernie to do his cleaning at their new house! And not to mention at their old house for the last hmmmm 18 months!! lol

Ben decided the other day we need more vegie gardens but we didn't have the right spot out with the others to put it. So we shrunk the boys sandpit, and fenced off the new garden, so the dog doesn't dig it up! (the same dog stole Ben's fish he came home with yesterday whilst Ben and i were cleaning out the car and esky! see how things need to be protected from him lol) The boys are helping turn over the soil in here for Ben. They love being able to use daddy's tools!

Our already established Veg garden. The rest of the potatoes will be ready soon and more eggplant. The garden at the bottom of the photo, has the onion in it, they are slowly bigger.

The old veg tubs are doing great, i may have planted too many but hey they will survive i hope!

We need to plant some more seeds, so we use the toilet rolls to plant the seeds in and the old margarine container to label them! Ben clever idea!

The boys helping filling the tubes up.

Finished product with some labels in.

And the top view. Pretty cool.

Today is a public holiday, so i will be finishing on planting the seeds, and help Ben do any other garden chores!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Feeling weary..

I had another 3 full days of working this week!! I tell you what, yesterday i was very weary!! The working was great, I really love it!! First time ever (besides my jobs at home with my boys) have I said I love my job. My boss keeps telling me, you can't just stand around and wait for people, we have lots of jobs to do. But it is definitely not as much to do as my previous paid job. IT was crazy, too much to handle in my little brain. My new job is perfect. Clean and tidy shoes out on display. Receive stock in and send stock out. Pack and unpack stock. Sell shoes!! And you get to meet lots of different customers! I have nothing playing on my mind that i didn't get done whilst working, because it's all been done!

Its the getting home late after work with excited tired little boys, whilst mummy is a little tired that's hard. When Ben is on his early shift its good, i have daddy's firm voice to control them. But when he is on night shift.... arrrgghhhhh hair pulling time for mummy! We will get use to the routine eventually! I'm working the same 3 days again this week, so the more it happens the more we all get a good routine! (fingers crossed!)

Anyway, today I'm going to take some photo's of how our garden is going, Ben dug up some potatoes the other day. He was a little eager and they were a bit small, but still yummy!! I will post the photo's up tomorrow.

Hope your all having a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fun in the Winter sun!

Yesterday we went for a fish and a play in the winter weather, before dropping in for a visit with our sil and family. It was a beautiful sunny day with a very chilling wind!! The boys had a great time, their noses are still a lil snotty from the wind, but haven't gotten any worse so that is always a good thing!

Our location for the morning.

Looking up towards the park that is at Norman Point, Tin Can Bay.

A baby Hammer Head shark Ben caught on his new rod.

The scenery including Ben!

The scenery.

This lady must have been a southerner, because there was NO WAY i was getting in that water for a swim! The wind must have been FREEZING when she got out!!! She also strolled down whilst Ben was un-hooking his shark... Would you go swimming when he just released it back into the bay???? Hmmmm missing a toe anyone?? lol

My new fishing rod!! When Ben and the boys picked me up from work on Friday night, this was sitting on the passenger seat! Cowboy told me the other day he wanted to buy me a purple rod. Ben couldn't get a purple one so got me a Red one, I don't really mind about the colour. As long as it works the way i want is fine by me. And it did, it's soooo much easier to cast with! love it!! ( work is going great by the way, loving it as well!!)

Blue eyes being tempted by the water!

Cowboy cutting up some bait for daddy!

After a couple of hours fishing, it was lunch time. So we went up to the park to cook some lunch. As soon as we sat down a butcher bird sat down on the rail with us, chirping for some food.. SO Ben fed it, then it went and told all its mates. We then had about a dozen flying around the place chirping for some food.. The boys thought it was great, and fed them all, all of their lunch! Luckily i practically pack a whole house when we got out, there was more food for them to fill their tummies not the birdies!

I didn't take any photo's at our sil's place, but the boys had a blast playing with their cousin's. As they always do! So did we, She had an undercover wear party. So i purchased a couple of items. Whilst Ben had a couple of beers with her partner. I also did a couple of practice manicures. What an action packed day we had!

Today is being spent at home. Catching up on the house chores as well as mixing it with lazy Sunday fun :-)

Hope your all having a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Little Helper.

Today I had my first day of working at the shoe shop.. I actually can't remember if I mentioned that i got the job in my previous post or not?! But i got it!! And today i had my induction as well as a couple extra hours out on the floor. I really enjoyed it, alot of new information to store in my brain.

I'm a little tired tonight, Blue eyes is now sick.. Horrible cough and a very snotty nose, He is now our snot monster! Ben left work early today so he could take him to the Dr to make sure his cough wasn't an infection. Its not, not yet... The Dr sent them home with a prescription just in case it gets worse. Poor boy nothing worse than not being able to breath properly at night and all you want to do is sleep :(

On the CUTE front this week, my cowboy wants to help me do some cleaning! He keeps asking for things to do! So very cute! So his job after dinner is to wash up his and his brothers plates and cutlery (all plastic of course!). He of course thinks it's the best thing. And if i plan it right and use alot of plastic items he does the WHOLE washing up!! I must say our lil cowboy does a pretty decent job as well!

Working hard!

What a cutie pie!!

I now have plans to replace everything glass or ceramic to plastic, so he can wash all the time! hehe

I'm off to work again tomorrow and friday. We have another big Saturday planned, so will update you on sunday of our current events! lol :-)