Monday, June 14, 2010

Garden catch up.

Firstly to the *NEW*

These are our potatoes and eggplant Ben harvested last weekend, and the avo's we purchased from a farm stall on the way home from fishing last week also. All tasted very yummy!

Yay some new tubs for more vegies!! We got these off my parents old house. Its a *borrow* the same way my dad has *borrowed* our gernie to do his cleaning at their new house! And not to mention at their old house for the last hmmmm 18 months!! lol

Ben decided the other day we need more vegie gardens but we didn't have the right spot out with the others to put it. So we shrunk the boys sandpit, and fenced off the new garden, so the dog doesn't dig it up! (the same dog stole Ben's fish he came home with yesterday whilst Ben and i were cleaning out the car and esky! see how things need to be protected from him lol) The boys are helping turn over the soil in here for Ben. They love being able to use daddy's tools!

Our already established Veg garden. The rest of the potatoes will be ready soon and more eggplant. The garden at the bottom of the photo, has the onion in it, they are slowly bigger.

The old veg tubs are doing great, i may have planted too many but hey they will survive i hope!

We need to plant some more seeds, so we use the toilet rolls to plant the seeds in and the old margarine container to label them! Ben clever idea!

The boys helping filling the tubes up.

Finished product with some labels in.

And the top view. Pretty cool.

Today is a public holiday, so i will be finishing on planting the seeds, and help Ben do any other garden chores!

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  1. Its looking great ! You have the cutest little helpers too xo