Friday, June 25, 2010

Not how it was planned.

Today was not the Friday i had planned... We were suppose to wake up early to drop off a gazebo to my good friend who is having a stall at our local markets for the chocolates and spices her and her husband are making (will have to do another post just on them, they are great!). Then getting all our hair cut by our hairdresser friend who lives up the road. Then it would be time to go off to work to then get home and get ready for our weekend.


As i went to bed last night i was feeling quite yukky on the inside. As the night went on i felt worse then the early hours of the morning, spent a bit of time in the toilet.. Not happy.. So today i have spent most of the day snoozing on the lounge, whilst my wonderful husband and boys help me out. Cowboy was getting me blankets and making sure i had a drink. Blue eyes kept asking if i was asleep or awake and if i was ok and gave me good snuggles. We still got all our hair cut which helped me to feel abit better. Am still not eating much but feeling much better than this morning. Just like my mum (who hardly ever gets sick, but when she does spends almost a whole week in bed And Ben's mum aswell, must be a mum thing lol) when i get sick i really get sick. Last year i didn't get the flu just normal manageable colds. But at the end of the winter season got a real bad stomach bug. The year before the flu really bad. This year a bad cold that morphed into a stomach bug.. I prob wont get sick again this winter.. I hope!!

Anyway, tomorrow is the weekend, we are going to go stay with our friends at Noosa. And take the big boys, Cowboy and his older cousins to see the new Toys story movie. Cowboy is almost beside himself. He's never been to the movies, and i haven't been in a long time. So I'm just as excited!! He got his Woody doll ready last night to take with us. Very cute.

Well its time for me to start thinking about some dinner.. Ben has gone off to work to help finish the night shift, now that i am feeling abit better.. Hope you all have a good weekend.

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  1. Isn't that the truth about mom's getting sick. I rarely get sick, but when I do it is always a doozy! Heck, if I am going to do something, just as well do it good! lol :)