Monday, May 31, 2010

Parties all round!

We had a very successful weekend, enjoying lots of different things. Saturday lunch was a surprise party for Ben's cousin's 30th. We all had a great time, eating some yummy foods! Saturday night, we had some friends over for a little while. So i could give a practice manicure and Ben and his friend could have a couple of drinks and chat boy stuff! lol

Sunday brought a very chilling wind, so Ben and i put on a soup in the slow cooker, mmm it was very yummy.

I call it the throw together soup. It's a creamy soup, filled with potato, sweet potato, onions and some finely diced vegies to finish it with cheese, and some chives! it was perfect!

I also made i nice big round loaf of bread, good for dunking in the soup!

On Sunday we had another party, my niece's 4th birthday lunch. Of course the boys had another blast playing with cousins. They had their jumping castle set up, its only small but provides alot of entertainment and burns off alot of energy and party treats!

Of all the cakes to want my niece wanted a pig cake?! My sil did a great job, but i forgot to take a photo before cake time..

Instead here is the birthday girl very excited it's cake time. Although she was jumping around all over the place flicking her hair everywhere......

I managed to catch the moment she realised daddy just put out the fire in her hair!!

Didn't take her long to move on and want to cut and eat the cake lol!!

In between all these activities this weekend we also did our normal household chores and playing. I feel pretty good after our big weekend. I've got some more practice coming up this week with some other friends which is great, I'm really looking forward to it.

Time to hang out my washing! :-)

Monday, May 24, 2010

A great start to the week

It's the start of the week again, and it has been a great start!

This is the latest pickings from our garden! They will go great with some chicken.

Our vegie gardens are going great, the eggplants have heaps of flowers, the potatoes and sweet potatoes are flowering and growing really well.

My seedlings have recovered from a helpful hand of blue eyes thinking it was picking time..

Our garlic and onion are doing good. And the boys helped me plant some more seeds in the little seed tubes.

But most of all, i did my theory exam for my acrylic nail yesterday and i feel i went really well. Only time will tell when it gets marked. And this morning while we were eating our breaky, i noticed the delivery man out the front of our house...

My KIT arrived! Finally with a few disgruntled emails back and forth i have it... It's only a starter so i will need to stock up again after i've done a couple of practices. But i'm so happy to finally have it!

My KIT!!

Oh and i got a phone call on saturday from the shoe shop, she wants me in for a second interview tomorrow morning.. SO a very great week has started!

Hope you all had a great weekend and your start to the week is a good one aswell! :-)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

On my mind today.. Yes it's a scary place, run and hide now!

I seem to be thinking of a lot today.. All good things, which is great. Probably because i have a good groove going with doing household chores. And the boys are helping out!

Today I've been thinking about how well we are fairing health wise so far this Autumn. We've had a few late nights out in the cool air, and we've only had a few slight sniffle noses. Ben almost had the flu at the start of the week, but his body seemed to be able to kick it. Which it normally doesn't do so well. And our little blue eyes, has gotten past the 6 month mark without another febrile convulsion! Even after getting his first round of Swine flu vaccination's he didn't even get a temp. We were so proud and very relieved. Fingers crossed winter goes this well health wise, hardly any sickness and hardly and temperatures would go down just nicely with me!

Also on my mind is our wonderful friends. We have alot of them, and they all offer different friendships, advice, activities to enjoy together and most of all love and kindness... nawww how soppy is that!! We love our friends and the time we get the spend with them. We don't get to catch all that often with everyone, of course we'd love to do it more often. But time and sometimes money permitting we don't get to.

I'm also still waiting to hear about the job i had an interview for... That one's right at the top of the list. With noticing how much the boys have grown lately.. Blue eyes has almost kicked his daytime nap, and he's almost getting better of a night. He has most definitely kicked having to drink his milk out of a bottle, he has sippy cups now. And the sentence's he is saying. (Amazing!). Our cowboy is moving on up as well, the big words he uses cracks us up every time. He likes to tell me when he is frustrated... as i tell him when he frustrates me.. (love it!). The stories he comes up with amazes us. The length and detail he gets into is full on.

I mentioned in my last post i packed up pretty much all their toys. Have they noticed. Only once has cowboy asked for a particular toy bin (it has the car's in it) besides that they have not noticed. And are using other games to play and their inventive little minds to come up with activities. Right now as i speak cowboy is pretending to play shopping with me. I'm "the shopping girl" (check out chick). And he is coming up to me and asking for different items, football shirts, food bags.. He has even decided that most things i give him are the wrong colour, shape or size (of course they are all invisible) and he wants to swap them for something else!! It's lots of fun!

Our cowboy wanted to make a cake earlier today, and it had to be strawberry, luckily i have some frozen strawberries in the freezer. Its cooking at the moment. He loved how the mixture tasted and wants to eat the whole cake right now! hehe

Here are the boys ready to pour and mix the cake.

And our fave part licking the beaters!

Hope your all having a great day, I've got a cake to eat!! yum :-)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hectic seems to be the new Black

Today was a busy busy day, in fact the last few days have been hectic, but a very good hectic. I seem to be able to cope better if my days are hectic.

Today started with a lot of cleaning, i only had a few things on my list to do. But of course with 2 little boys in the house that list always grows longer!! The boys decided to pull apart their toy room, including pushing their bookcase over and breaking a draw off a beside table.. Mummy was not happy, so the little boys were banned while mummy packed up all the toys and put most of them away in the cupboard for awhile. Only for a few days until they realise how good it was to have so many toys to play with. Then my little cowboy may not be so rough with them!

Back to the rest of my day.

After lunch i had a job interview, just a casual job at our local Williams shoe shop. Ben was at work still, so i dropped them at my mums whilst i had the interview. It went well, she seemed happy with what i had to offer. The interview went for an hour. Longest one I've ever had, but she did go through everything you could ever imagine in an interview. She said she will call and let me know if she wants to have a second interview with me. The only thing that concerned her was the boys. Care for them if they need me in on short notice. I explained Ben's roster, his mum's availability and my parents as well, with them all combined I'm sure we would be able to come up with something! lol Fingers crossed i get a call soon!

So my interview put our grocery shopping back abit, so Ben called his mum and we dropped the boys off there whilst we did our 2 week bulk shop, this one seemed alot bigger than normal, food is everywhere! I'm so glad i had the slow cooker on for dinner tonight, the boys were ravenous when we got home, and very very tired. Both were asleep right on time tonight after alot of arguing over eating their dinner having baths getting dressed and trying to get them to just sit still for awhile to finally collapse.

Which is what i feel like doing very soon, and i just realised i forgot to buy Milo with our shopping tonight, there goes my idea of having a warm milo before bed... Bummer!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

What a beautiful Wedding

The Weather was perfect and so was the company. We had a wonderful time at Lauri and Tim's wedding on the weekend. We gave a helping hand and helped with a few little jobs here and there. Ben and his mum helped with the taking of photo's. And there will be a million for Lauri and Tim to look through!

Here is the beautiful couple.

And the beautiful location!

We partied on into the late night/ early morning. Ben didn't come to bed until after 2am!! We had a good catch up with family and friends, and enjoyed ourselves immensely.

We wish the married couple all the best for the future and a safe trip for their honeymoon! xxoo

Friday, May 14, 2010

A new Hobby

Whilst getting our things together today for the wedding tomorrow, I forgot that i had not posted the photo's of the earrings I had made!

I had the best time making these, and am definitely going to our local lincraft store to see what goodies they have for me to make as well!!

These are the second ones that i made out of the leftover beads. Love the colours.

This is the pair i will wear to the wedding. Ties in well with the colour scheme the bride and groom have for everyone to wear!

I'm off to go pack the boys items for their stay with my mum (nanny) and my dad (granddad). Cowboy is very excited, he keeps asking everyday if its time to go to nanny's yet! He wont even bat and eyelid on our departure from him tomorrow!

Hope you all have a great weekend! :-)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Catch up

The boys are off at my mum's today, so i can catch up on some much need cleaning, quietness so my brain can re-organise itself!!

We had a wonderful Mothers day. We stayed out our close friends house about a 40 minute drive from us. We had to get up early though so we could be home in time for morning tea with Bens mum "Granny". So Ben got us all Mcdonalds for breaky (something we don't do very often so was a great treat!) And parked the car beside the Noosa River for a beautiful view. We had a great morning tea with Granny with lots of food to eat (and bring home). I had a few wines and watched some shows and rested and played with the boys. (I did my best to ignore the cleaning that was awaiting me)

So monday was a a busy day, trying to keep the boys happy, trying to get some cleaning done. And trying to contact the lady for my course in regards to receiving my kit. That is a whole story to be told on its own. But none the less i hope it's on its way?!?!?!!

So today i decided to ship the boys off to my mums whilst my niece was there so the boys can have some play time while mummy has some quiet time!
This morning was a huge shamble, after a somewhat stressful day yesterday. I went to boil the kettle for Ben this morning, and it tripped the saftey switch. I didn't realise until i picked up his coffee and it felt abit cold. Sure enough the power was off and the kettle didn't boil.. Ben sculled his coffee and went out to check what was happening. We tried the kettle a few more times and sure enough it was the problem in every power point we tried.. SO in the bin it went. We then discovered that some of the power points were still not working. The fridge, telephone, modem and out living room lamp were all still off, while other appliances were on. We think a fuse is blown in one of the circuits. Ben's sparky mate from work is dropping by after work to check it out for us. (gotta love connections).

So here i am half the house work done, more to do, but not wanting to use the power incase it trips the safety switch again. What better use of my time than to blog and surf the net. Not that i look at much. But i am however going to have a go at making some earings. My MIL and myself got a free do it yourself earing making kits on our Better Homes and Gardens mag this month, My MIL wasn't interested in it so i have 2 to make. I've made one pair and loved it. (i'm going to wear them to a wedding this weekend!!)

I will post some photo's tomorrow of my creations. I think i may have found my hobbie!! Oh and don't fret we went and purchased a new kettle from Big W this morn so we wont be without a cuppa! We have used it already, just hope it last longer than the other one!

Hope your all having a great day. Mine can only get better, fingers crossed!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Photo's of our weekend camping!

We had a wonderful weekend camping. A few showers here and there, but we did not get rained out or flooded out like previous camping trips! The temperature's were perfect. Nice and warm during the day for playing, Nice a cool at night for snuggling around the campfire!
Here are some photo's of our weekend.

Our campsite.

Our view.

This is where the boys played most of the time, up and down a fallen tree.

Ever get that sinking feeling!! Ben trying to have a rest while fishing.

Ben and his friend went for drive to put some crab pots in and on the way back, didn't quite make it through the mud hole!!

One of Ben's sunset photo's

Another good shot from Ben!

When the tide goes out here, it well and truly goes out. But it also makes for alot of fun in the sandy mud or the muddy sand!! And puddles!

We took our time packing up and leaving on Monday, we didn't really want to leave. The car must have known this, as it didn't want to start.. A dead battery! Luckily for the first time ever of us camping out there someone else was camping there as well. Well the whole place was packed out. We are usually the only ones. We had a lovely gentleman charge our battery for an hour off his generator. Hope you all had a great weekend as well.

I have to go and brainstorm some mothers day prezzies for our mothers!!