Monday, May 31, 2010

Parties all round!

We had a very successful weekend, enjoying lots of different things. Saturday lunch was a surprise party for Ben's cousin's 30th. We all had a great time, eating some yummy foods! Saturday night, we had some friends over for a little while. So i could give a practice manicure and Ben and his friend could have a couple of drinks and chat boy stuff! lol

Sunday brought a very chilling wind, so Ben and i put on a soup in the slow cooker, mmm it was very yummy.

I call it the throw together soup. It's a creamy soup, filled with potato, sweet potato, onions and some finely diced vegies to finish it with cheese, and some chives! it was perfect!

I also made i nice big round loaf of bread, good for dunking in the soup!

On Sunday we had another party, my niece's 4th birthday lunch. Of course the boys had another blast playing with cousins. They had their jumping castle set up, its only small but provides alot of entertainment and burns off alot of energy and party treats!

Of all the cakes to want my niece wanted a pig cake?! My sil did a great job, but i forgot to take a photo before cake time..

Instead here is the birthday girl very excited it's cake time. Although she was jumping around all over the place flicking her hair everywhere......

I managed to catch the moment she realised daddy just put out the fire in her hair!!

Didn't take her long to move on and want to cut and eat the cake lol!!

In between all these activities this weekend we also did our normal household chores and playing. I feel pretty good after our big weekend. I've got some more practice coming up this week with some other friends which is great, I'm really looking forward to it.

Time to hang out my washing! :-)


  1. What fun you are having at the moment with all your parties and entertaining. Your soup and bread look delicious. That is the best way to make soup, just through everything in...YUM!

    That photo of your niece is priceless.

    Hope you are keeping okay,


  2. Your soup and bread look delicious. Hmmmm, looks like I know what we will be having for dinner sometime soon.
    That pic of your niece is priceless. When she gets older and hears the story behind it she is going to laugh.
    Your sil did a great job on the cake.