Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Catch up

The boys are off at my mum's today, so i can catch up on some much need cleaning, quietness so my brain can re-organise itself!!

We had a wonderful Mothers day. We stayed out our close friends house about a 40 minute drive from us. We had to get up early though so we could be home in time for morning tea with Bens mum "Granny". So Ben got us all Mcdonalds for breaky (something we don't do very often so was a great treat!) And parked the car beside the Noosa River for a beautiful view. We had a great morning tea with Granny with lots of food to eat (and bring home). I had a few wines and watched some shows and rested and played with the boys. (I did my best to ignore the cleaning that was awaiting me)

So monday was a a busy day, trying to keep the boys happy, trying to get some cleaning done. And trying to contact the lady for my course in regards to receiving my kit. That is a whole story to be told on its own. But none the less i hope it's on its way?!?!?!!

So today i decided to ship the boys off to my mums whilst my niece was there so the boys can have some play time while mummy has some quiet time!
This morning was a huge shamble, after a somewhat stressful day yesterday. I went to boil the kettle for Ben this morning, and it tripped the saftey switch. I didn't realise until i picked up his coffee and it felt abit cold. Sure enough the power was off and the kettle didn't boil.. Ben sculled his coffee and went out to check what was happening. We tried the kettle a few more times and sure enough it was the problem in every power point we tried.. SO in the bin it went. We then discovered that some of the power points were still not working. The fridge, telephone, modem and out living room lamp were all still off, while other appliances were on. We think a fuse is blown in one of the circuits. Ben's sparky mate from work is dropping by after work to check it out for us. (gotta love connections).

So here i am half the house work done, more to do, but not wanting to use the power incase it trips the safety switch again. What better use of my time than to blog and surf the net. Not that i look at much. But i am however going to have a go at making some earings. My MIL and myself got a free do it yourself earing making kits on our Better Homes and Gardens mag this month, My MIL wasn't interested in it so i have 2 to make. I've made one pair and loved it. (i'm going to wear them to a wedding this weekend!!)

I will post some photo's tomorrow of my creations. I think i may have found my hobbie!! Oh and don't fret we went and purchased a new kettle from Big W this morn so we wont be without a cuppa! We have used it already, just hope it last longer than the other one!

Hope your all having a great day. Mine can only get better, fingers crossed!

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  1. You can look at it this way. Since you can't use the electricity without blowing a circuit, well, take advantage of it while you can. Yes, surfing the web is a wonderful idea!
    Glad you had a great Mothers Day. And it is good to have connections!