Thursday, May 20, 2010

On my mind today.. Yes it's a scary place, run and hide now!

I seem to be thinking of a lot today.. All good things, which is great. Probably because i have a good groove going with doing household chores. And the boys are helping out!

Today I've been thinking about how well we are fairing health wise so far this Autumn. We've had a few late nights out in the cool air, and we've only had a few slight sniffle noses. Ben almost had the flu at the start of the week, but his body seemed to be able to kick it. Which it normally doesn't do so well. And our little blue eyes, has gotten past the 6 month mark without another febrile convulsion! Even after getting his first round of Swine flu vaccination's he didn't even get a temp. We were so proud and very relieved. Fingers crossed winter goes this well health wise, hardly any sickness and hardly and temperatures would go down just nicely with me!

Also on my mind is our wonderful friends. We have alot of them, and they all offer different friendships, advice, activities to enjoy together and most of all love and kindness... nawww how soppy is that!! We love our friends and the time we get the spend with them. We don't get to catch all that often with everyone, of course we'd love to do it more often. But time and sometimes money permitting we don't get to.

I'm also still waiting to hear about the job i had an interview for... That one's right at the top of the list. With noticing how much the boys have grown lately.. Blue eyes has almost kicked his daytime nap, and he's almost getting better of a night. He has most definitely kicked having to drink his milk out of a bottle, he has sippy cups now. And the sentence's he is saying. (Amazing!). Our cowboy is moving on up as well, the big words he uses cracks us up every time. He likes to tell me when he is frustrated... as i tell him when he frustrates me.. (love it!). The stories he comes up with amazes us. The length and detail he gets into is full on.

I mentioned in my last post i packed up pretty much all their toys. Have they noticed. Only once has cowboy asked for a particular toy bin (it has the car's in it) besides that they have not noticed. And are using other games to play and their inventive little minds to come up with activities. Right now as i speak cowboy is pretending to play shopping with me. I'm "the shopping girl" (check out chick). And he is coming up to me and asking for different items, football shirts, food bags.. He has even decided that most things i give him are the wrong colour, shape or size (of course they are all invisible) and he wants to swap them for something else!! It's lots of fun!

Our cowboy wanted to make a cake earlier today, and it had to be strawberry, luckily i have some frozen strawberries in the freezer. Its cooking at the moment. He loved how the mixture tasted and wants to eat the whole cake right now! hehe

Here are the boys ready to pour and mix the cake.

And our fave part licking the beaters!

Hope your all having a great day, I've got a cake to eat!! yum :-)

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  1. Well send some of that cake my way!! Yum!!
    And it tastes all that much better when you have such wonderful help.
    It is amazing how many toys kids end up with. And when you start going through them and either tossing them or donating them, the kids don't seem to miss them!
    Yes, friends are great.
    Glad to hear everyone is happy and healthy.