Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hectic seems to be the new Black

Today was a busy busy day, in fact the last few days have been hectic, but a very good hectic. I seem to be able to cope better if my days are hectic.

Today started with a lot of cleaning, i only had a few things on my list to do. But of course with 2 little boys in the house that list always grows longer!! The boys decided to pull apart their toy room, including pushing their bookcase over and breaking a draw off a beside table.. Mummy was not happy, so the little boys were banned while mummy packed up all the toys and put most of them away in the cupboard for awhile. Only for a few days until they realise how good it was to have so many toys to play with. Then my little cowboy may not be so rough with them!

Back to the rest of my day.

After lunch i had a job interview, just a casual job at our local Williams shoe shop. Ben was at work still, so i dropped them at my mums whilst i had the interview. It went well, she seemed happy with what i had to offer. The interview went for an hour. Longest one I've ever had, but she did go through everything you could ever imagine in an interview. She said she will call and let me know if she wants to have a second interview with me. The only thing that concerned her was the boys. Care for them if they need me in on short notice. I explained Ben's roster, his mum's availability and my parents as well, with them all combined I'm sure we would be able to come up with something! lol Fingers crossed i get a call soon!

So my interview put our grocery shopping back abit, so Ben called his mum and we dropped the boys off there whilst we did our 2 week bulk shop, this one seemed alot bigger than normal, food is everywhere! I'm so glad i had the slow cooker on for dinner tonight, the boys were ravenous when we got home, and very very tired. Both were asleep right on time tonight after alot of arguing over eating their dinner having baths getting dressed and trying to get them to just sit still for awhile to finally collapse.

Which is what i feel like doing very soon, and i just realised i forgot to buy Milo with our shopping tonight, there goes my idea of having a warm milo before bed... Bummer!!

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