Thursday, May 6, 2010

Photo's of our weekend camping!

We had a wonderful weekend camping. A few showers here and there, but we did not get rained out or flooded out like previous camping trips! The temperature's were perfect. Nice and warm during the day for playing, Nice a cool at night for snuggling around the campfire!
Here are some photo's of our weekend.

Our campsite.

Our view.

This is where the boys played most of the time, up and down a fallen tree.

Ever get that sinking feeling!! Ben trying to have a rest while fishing.

Ben and his friend went for drive to put some crab pots in and on the way back, didn't quite make it through the mud hole!!

One of Ben's sunset photo's

Another good shot from Ben!

When the tide goes out here, it well and truly goes out. But it also makes for alot of fun in the sandy mud or the muddy sand!! And puddles!

We took our time packing up and leaving on Monday, we didn't really want to leave. The car must have known this, as it didn't want to start.. A dead battery! Luckily for the first time ever of us camping out there someone else was camping there as well. Well the whole place was packed out. We are usually the only ones. We had a lovely gentleman charge our battery for an hour off his generator. Hope you all had a great weekend as well.

I have to go and brainstorm some mothers day prezzies for our mothers!!

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  1. Love the pic of Ben sitting and fishing. And those sunset pics, wow!
    Sounds like everyone had a great time. Definite memories for a lifetime.