Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Family DO.

We had an excellent weekend at my parents house. Just about all our cousins turned up for our family get together. The boys had a blast playing with the little cousins. As usually i forgot to take alot photo's so i only have a few to show you!

after a big day of playing they all tried to fit in the bath together! a little squishy but they got clean.

The morning after, most had a sleep in so we had a lateish breakfast, but it was a big one. We did not need lunch!

enjoying breakfast.

Mum's flower garden.

Dad's bamboo/ tropical garden.

This is the driveway my boys and my brothers kids (in the bath with the boys) ride their lil plastic toddler bikes down... Really fast as well..

After taking this photo it kinda looks like the boys are actually sitting in a rainforest!

This week is back to normal for work for me. Time to catch up on all my house duties. And I've started toilet training blue eyes again. He didn't quite get it last summer. So now its started to warm up, I'm going to give him all spring and summer to try "catch on" to this toilet thing! haha Wish me luck!

Hope you all had a great weekend :-)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bits and Pieces

This week has been a good week so far, besides lack of sleep at night from MR blue eyes. But i think that is due to his bottom molars finally pushing the whole way through and raining weather stopping their outside play!

Today is cloudy no rain yet but it looks like it could any moment. Not my ideal spring weather.. Tonight i am working (late night shopping) and after being up early to take Ben to work i think I'm going to need a coffee or two to get me to 9pm tonight!

I have finally put some photo's up first i have our potato patch.. I have no idea what i would do with out potatoes. We love them! They are always the fail safe option dinner if the boys aren't eating properly!

Hopefully we get a good amount of this lot!

This is Mr blue eyes in a disposable kids chef apron and hat!! Bit blurry from being taken off my phone but you can still see him! In the shopping centre i work at they have a special machine with all shops listed and they offer special deals for your shopping needs and sometimes freebies. Centre management also throws in some special freebies. The above chef apron and hat being one of them. Seeing as the boys love master chef this was a brilliant win for them!

This weekend we have a family get together with my mums side of the family. At my parents house. All Aunties, uncles, cousins and their partners and kids (well most of them) are travelling up for the night to catch up and have a few drinkie poos!! We use to do it at Christmas but past years everyone has to work over the holidays and not many were turning up. So a mid year get together has been planned instead. Should be a good night! Hope your all having a great week :-)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Another full week.

This week i am working everyday, except the weekend yay!!! Tonight will be a long night, i start work at 1.30pm and work until 9.00pm. I'm only use the the 4-5 hour day shifts, not late night shopping 7hour shifts... I'll be needing some coffee's to keep me going i think!

On a brighter note, we are going to spend most of the weekend at HOME!! yahoo. Finally a weekend that does not have any other plans set in concrete. I am however going to try do my mani/pedi prac exam on my wonderful mummy. I haven't given her either yet so i think she will enjoy it! Plus we will be doing all our normal household stuff spend as much time outside in the sunshine as possible. So far spring has been excellent, although the days are warming up fairly quickly, the nights are still nice and cool. All our flowers are out, are veggies are going great guns. Ben is awaiting some silver perch to arrive today to put in his aquaponics, which i need to do another post on and update you all, as it has completely changed since he first started it. He has learnt so much about it and is completely addicted to it, which is good he has found an excellent hobby that is going to grow us some food.
I haven't baked bread in awhile, so i purchased a 12kg bag of bread flour from the wholesalers yesterday. Went to make some last night, and my break maker has seized up. Just the bucket part, been sitting there not used for a couple of months, i think its a little cranky at me. So this morn i have been making some by hand, they are ok... not as good on the mixing as the machine tho lol!

anyway i best be off to get some more jobs done before going into work. Hope your all going well and enjoying your week :-)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Up Way To Early.

Today is Saturday and for a change I have to work today, for most of the day... The manager has gone on holidays so they need some extra help. And tonight we have Ben's 10 year High School Reunion, the boys are going to my mums for the night. So I not only have a big day at work but will have a big night. So instead of getting some extra rest this morning, I'm awake and up at 5.30am....
I get Sunday off work, then have to work Mon-Fri next week. Not full days but still, for me who is not yet completely use to the working life yet again it makes for a big week!! There are quite a few things on in the area this weekend, so I'm secretly hoping that it's not very busy so i get an early mark... he he

But i am looking forward to tonight, our close friends are coming up and staying the night with us and I've bumped into a few of Ben's other old school classmates who have said they are going, so it should be a good lot of fun!

Hope your all planning for a great weekend :-)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Where has time gone and It's MY BIRTHDAY!!

Wow it's been almost 2 weeks since i last posted on here.... In that time all of us (except Ben for a change) have been on the sick side!! I'm on antibiotics to get rid of a sinus infection and the boys are slowly but surely getting over their last cold weather snotty noses!

We've also been camping, fishing, doing some jobs around the house! Sunday just gone was fathers day. We took Ben down to Noosa to fish near the river mouth with our close friends. Like any fathers day should be, Ben spent most of it having a few cold beverages! haha. It was very overcast with some scattered showers around, none of which got us. But i left the camera behind just in case it poured down on us! We left just in time to our friends house for a lovely slow cooked pea and ham soup. Then returned home at 10pm that night! It is very safe to say Ben thoroughly enjoyed himself!

Today the 7Th of September is MY BIRTHDAY! Ben has to work, so i get to spend my day doing my normal household chores, BUT tonight we are going to go out for dinner with some friends and family. We don't normally do that, so this year i said its a must!!

The sun is out and shinning after a couple of gloomy days and its going to be a beautiful spring day, so no doubt the boys and i will spend most of it outside enjoying the sun!

Hope you have all had a great weekend. we are all getting back on track with health and house jobs so i will be able to post more often again!!