Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Family DO.

We had an excellent weekend at my parents house. Just about all our cousins turned up for our family get together. The boys had a blast playing with the little cousins. As usually i forgot to take alot photo's so i only have a few to show you!

after a big day of playing they all tried to fit in the bath together! a little squishy but they got clean.

The morning after, most had a sleep in so we had a lateish breakfast, but it was a big one. We did not need lunch!

enjoying breakfast.

Mum's flower garden.

Dad's bamboo/ tropical garden.

This is the driveway my boys and my brothers kids (in the bath with the boys) ride their lil plastic toddler bikes down... Really fast as well..

After taking this photo it kinda looks like the boys are actually sitting in a rainforest!

This week is back to normal for work for me. Time to catch up on all my house duties. And I've started toilet training blue eyes again. He didn't quite get it last summer. So now its started to warm up, I'm going to give him all spring and summer to try "catch on" to this toilet thing! haha Wish me luck!

Hope you all had a great weekend :-)

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