Thursday, September 16, 2010

Another full week.

This week i am working everyday, except the weekend yay!!! Tonight will be a long night, i start work at 1.30pm and work until 9.00pm. I'm only use the the 4-5 hour day shifts, not late night shopping 7hour shifts... I'll be needing some coffee's to keep me going i think!

On a brighter note, we are going to spend most of the weekend at HOME!! yahoo. Finally a weekend that does not have any other plans set in concrete. I am however going to try do my mani/pedi prac exam on my wonderful mummy. I haven't given her either yet so i think she will enjoy it! Plus we will be doing all our normal household stuff spend as much time outside in the sunshine as possible. So far spring has been excellent, although the days are warming up fairly quickly, the nights are still nice and cool. All our flowers are out, are veggies are going great guns. Ben is awaiting some silver perch to arrive today to put in his aquaponics, which i need to do another post on and update you all, as it has completely changed since he first started it. He has learnt so much about it and is completely addicted to it, which is good he has found an excellent hobby that is going to grow us some food.
I haven't baked bread in awhile, so i purchased a 12kg bag of bread flour from the wholesalers yesterday. Went to make some last night, and my break maker has seized up. Just the bucket part, been sitting there not used for a couple of months, i think its a little cranky at me. So this morn i have been making some by hand, they are ok... not as good on the mixing as the machine tho lol!

anyway i best be off to get some more jobs done before going into work. Hope your all going well and enjoying your week :-)

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