Saturday, September 11, 2010

Up Way To Early.

Today is Saturday and for a change I have to work today, for most of the day... The manager has gone on holidays so they need some extra help. And tonight we have Ben's 10 year High School Reunion, the boys are going to my mums for the night. So I not only have a big day at work but will have a big night. So instead of getting some extra rest this morning, I'm awake and up at 5.30am....
I get Sunday off work, then have to work Mon-Fri next week. Not full days but still, for me who is not yet completely use to the working life yet again it makes for a big week!! There are quite a few things on in the area this weekend, so I'm secretly hoping that it's not very busy so i get an early mark... he he

But i am looking forward to tonight, our close friends are coming up and staying the night with us and I've bumped into a few of Ben's other old school classmates who have said they are going, so it should be a good lot of fun!

Hope your all planning for a great weekend :-)

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