Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I've been doing some baking today! And what i have made are YUMMO!

Cheese Biscuits.

1 1/2 cup Chedder Cheese, 1/2 cup spelt flour, 1/4 cup S/R flour, 4 tbsp Butter.

Mix all in a food processor for roughly 2 minutes, or until forms into a smooth ball.
Let it sit for half hour in the fridge.
Roll out to about 1/8 inch thick. Cut with however big or small you want. Cook on 170c for about 10-12 minutes. Until edges are barely brown.

Boys LOVE Them!

Spelt flour, Garlic, Spring onion and capsicum Focaccia Bread. I could have left it to rise a bit longer, but it was almost lunch time and i was getting hungry and wanted to taste me lovely creation!

Work again tomorrow! Hope your having a good week!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Tribe.

This will be the first and last time we fill the car up with more children than adults.. Enjoy it granny! It will not becoming a common occurance! hahaha

The 5 boys have been playing really well, we've only had 1 major blue and that was between brothers. A few age issues, but they all re-unite to play again.

GOD They EAT alot!! They are constantly playing so they need alot of feul to top them up.. I had to make piklets this morning as i was running out of other food items that would fill their tums up!

Took them all of 5 minutes to down a double batch of piklets and a cup each of milo.. Mum and Dad (to the 3 boys) are on their way back to pick them up. Although their youngest told me this morning that he was staying another 2 nights and wanted the Ben10 bed to sleep in tonight. I informed him he was going home today. His respone 'Oh' and walked off.. lol I think he is enjoying the trampoline a little too much!

anywho off the check the tribe and get some thinks done before i work tomorrow. Hope you've all had a good weekend. I'll be in bed early tonight ;-)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

An extra 3!

See the extra 3 handsome devils in this photo (this was taken camping by the way).

We have them for a 2 night sleep over this weekend. Mum and Dad need to go on a special trip to see family. 5 boys in our house for over 48 hours... What did i get myself in for!! hahaha No Kidding, these boys play pretty darn good together. So i think it we will be fine. If all else fails, Winter has hit us, so they can always sleep outside with bruce! ;-)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Very Excited!

I was hoping i would get this book before the long weekend, but it arrived this morning..

Still i am very very excited to have this in my possession. Now i have a book i can look at any time to answer some of my questions!! I got this off eBay for something like $20 including postage as it is second hand. But there is seriously nothing wrong with it. So happy with my purchase.

I am hopeful that this will give me more of an insight into what essential oils are used or can be used for and how to use them. So i can (fingers crossed) implement them into my small business venture.. Very small may i add. Starting small and see what happens where it goes with Mani's and pedi's etc.

I've already read almost 50 pages, finding it hard to put down and do other things that need to be done. But I'm just SO interested in it.. Something that i rarely find, so am very happy about that! :-)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Invention Night

Sunday night is Invention Night for us..

This week we had a yummy aquaponic grown Bok Choy to use,

And we also had some Red Claw in the freezer. SO Ben took charge and cooked us an amazing stir fry!

Doesn't look much, but the flavour was amazing! We will be fighting over the leftovers at lunch time.. And it will be hard to top last nights dinner tonight, but ben is thinking of making some ravioli, from scratch of course. Best way to be made and eaten!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Thankyou BLOGGER!

SO Blogger let me load photo's today, BUT not before not letting me sign into my blogger account.. What the?! I had to reset my password, even though i knew my password. Blogger wouldn't accept it, saying it was incorrect.. Incorrect my bum blogger! Start playing nicely for everyone!!

OK so here are some of our photo's, ben took more than me, his phone battery lasted longer than mine.. Will try get some of his loaded and put up on the weekend.

The view from my camp chair at our fire! LOVE IT!

The boys loved the prospect of going out each morning and seeing where the brumby tracks where, we even found some dingo tracks along the beach each morning as well. The brumbys have sort of taken over Rainbow Beach, walking where ever they want really.. 3 have taken up residence near the camp site we stayed at. You could hear there noises early in the morning. They didn't come too close to our camp ( I was worried they'd get caught up in some of our ropes) and we saw them but didn't get to close to them either, just a quick look from a distance then walked off for more adventures down the beach.

The beach

Blue Eyes being Blue Eyes!

This is our Nephew, he just insisted on me taking a photo of him pretending to surf on this bit of drift wood!!

Off to work for me today, it was a very cold day here yesterday, Boys are still sick. Cowboy getting better. Blue Eyes getting worse. Had a temperature last night, so need to watch him carefully today (well my mum has to anyway!) His cough doesn't sound good, but he doesn't cough very often so, hopefully a nice sunny day (like its shapeing up to be) will do him good!

Catch you all soon :-)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

We Are Home!

I was going to give you a quick snap shot of our camping trip But Blogger is being a pain and doesn't want to post my photo's! :-(.

We did however have a wonderful time. No rain, a few clouds. They kept it warmer over night though. A lot of Sunshine and adventures! Cowboy has a little cold though, but on our last days, he and blue eyes kept repeating that they LOVE camping! We had friends come visit and enjoy the fun with us! What more can you ask for..

Oh I know, someone to unpack everything for me and do all the washing... PLEASE!!

Fingers crossed blogger plays along tomorrow and i can post some photo's :-)

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Yesterday was my Mummy's Birthday.

This is my Mum with Kookie, her local 'friend' who she feeds pretty much on a daily basis! He is getting so attached/tame that he lets mum feed him out of her hand and sometimes just flys in and lands on her to tell mum he is hungry. Well we think it's a he, although some time ago Kookie was taking the meat back to a nest (hollow in a neighbours tree) so we aren't really sure, haven't seen any babies either.

The boys and i went over to my Bro and Sil house for dinner and some cake! yum! I had my fingers crossed big time that Aus Post was going to deliver my Mum's Prez yesterday. But they failed to do that. It was sent platinum express on Monday, and platinum is guaranteed next day delivery.. Not in our region it's not.. Anyway It is very much worth the wait. I came across a wonderful lady on Facebook who has a page called the Crystal Griffin, who stamps sterling silver pendants with what you want on them and adds all sorts of bling to them!

I got mum the family tree! Love it!

Can't wait to get myself one! It comes with a sterling sliver chain as well. My photo just doesn't do it justice!

Tomorrow we are off camping for 6 days! YAY!! I've been busy packing the last few days and organising everything for us to leave early tomorrow morning! Not sure if we are taking the computer, so i may or may not do a post between tomorrow and next Tuesday. But i hope you all have a great weekend. I will take a heap of photo's and do a post on our arrival home!