Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Very Excited!

I was hoping i would get this book before the long weekend, but it arrived this morning..

Still i am very very excited to have this in my possession. Now i have a book i can look at any time to answer some of my questions!! I got this off eBay for something like $20 including postage as it is second hand. But there is seriously nothing wrong with it. So happy with my purchase.

I am hopeful that this will give me more of an insight into what essential oils are used or can be used for and how to use them. So i can (fingers crossed) implement them into my small business venture.. Very small may i add. Starting small and see what happens where it goes with Mani's and pedi's etc.

I've already read almost 50 pages, finding it hard to put down and do other things that need to be done. But I'm just SO interested in it.. Something that i rarely find, so am very happy about that! :-)

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