Sunday, October 24, 2010

Our Fishing Adventure.

We had a fantastic time on our fishing charter yesterday! My arms are sore, a little sun burnt, but that just means it was GOOD! Our first stop once out in the ocean was frustrating. Rainbow beach has a colony of Mutton birds descended on them, and i managed to catch 6 of the little blighters on my line, i also have the scratches to prove it! lol. But we pushed on, the birds tried to follow but eventually gave up! Thank goodness!

It was the best day for fishing, the sun was shining, hardly any wind about, PERFECT! And it was pretty much full of fishing, if we weren't fishing we were holding on travelling to a new spot. We all ate whilst fishing! No mucking around! Just what i wanted to, it was a full on day, but i love fishing SO much more now!

Our Catch!! Of course we caught alot more than this, but alot were under size and had to go back to grow! We have, a Cobia, Blue Tuna, Sweet lip, Moses Perch and some pearl perch! Funny thing is, i don't seafood! So Ben has some eating to do!

The boys getting excited over all the fish we got to bring home!

Ben and I with our BIG fish!
Ben holding a Cobia, and myself with my Tuna! My tuna was the biggest out of our catch, not the biggest on the boat, just between Ben and i hehehe. I caught it on a little 3kg Brim rod. I had to run round the boat 3.5 times to land it. I was close to having the line snapped a few times. But i had everyone on board giving me encouragement and moving all the gear so i could follow it until it was finally close enough to net it! Best feeling ever!

Now I'm not quite sure whether we should buy a camper trailer or a BOAT!! That is how much fun i had!!

This is the wonderful Keely Rose! Great boat and Great crew! Will be definitely going out with them again!
I'm totally buggered today, so not much going on, the boys had a blast at granny and pa's house, so has been a excellent weekend! Hope you are all having a great weekend as well!! :-)

Friday, October 22, 2010


Tonight (Friday night) the boys are sleeping over at Granny and Pa's, while Ben and I sleep over at His Aunties house so we are closer to Rainbow Beach for our Charter Tomorrow!!

I have to call the Charter People this morning and make sure all the weather will be suitable for fishing tomorrow. I purchased some sea sickness tablets yesterday. I don't think i will get sick, but just incase i will take some!

The boys are super excited about sleeping over at Granny's tonight, they haven't been to Granny's all week! So they will all have a blast!

Well I'm off to pack our things up and do some cleaning before work!

Hope your all having a great week, enjoy your weekend. I will try remember to take some photo's of our fishing to post on here. :-)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Whoa 6 years really??!!

Today is our 6 year wedding anniversary! Can't believe we are up to number 6!!!! I thought the boys were growing so fast.. 6 years of marriage and almost 9 years together in total! WHOA!

Although today is a special day, Ben is at a Metallica concert. There is no way i would be able to stop him from going.. So why fight. Instead he is making up for it by taking me on an all day fishing charter! I do love fishing but don't get much of a chance to actually fish. Keeping little boys out and away from deep water seems to be my main priority when at the beach. So a day out on a boat without the munchkins fishing will be great!!

He also couldn't help himself and went and got me a lil prezzie as well. Only thing is he hid it when he got home, and lasted oh about 2 hours before caving and giving it too me! hahaha. He always tries to hand out prezzies early. If it wasn't for me the boys wouldn't get anything on their birthdays or Christmas cause Ben would give it to them weeks before the special day! hehe.

I love looking at this photo, all of our glamour photo's we had done last year are great, but this one shows exactly what everyday is like, if we don't laugh we won't get through it(of course there is tears and tantrums and the like, but at the end of the day you just gotta laugh!). And to be able to laugh with someone who puts such a huge smile on my face everyday, (whether he knows it or not) makes me one very, very, very HAPPY WIFE!!! No way would i be able to get through such hair pulling times without such a caring, lovable person! ( with a little smartass sprinkled on the side to spice things up!) And with 2 little boys JUST and yes i mean JUST like their DADDY (just ask their Granny!) I'm living one very fulfilled life, PERFECT!

Love you with all my heart my wonderful husband xoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxo

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Things that go BUMP in the Night!

Ben and I were woken suddenly last night with a very LOUD thud sound coming from the other end of the house (kitchen area).

Which was followed by.......

A very LOUD scared crying little boy sitting the in dark by himself because he tripped over..

Yes Blue eyes has decided to take up sleep walking. He very much dislikes the dark, so i know for sure he did not venture out of his room AWAKE. He was very much ASLEEP until tripping over and waking himself up. He was very quiet on his venture. Usually i here any movement or footsteps coming from their room walking on to the hard floor. But last night i heard nothing until he tripped.
Now after that incident Blues took forever to go to sleep as he was terrified of what had happened. And when i made it back to my bed ben flipped out and thought he heard him walking around again... So i spent the next hour thinking of scenario's of what he might do on his sleepwalking.. The one that most feared me was opening the front door and going for a wonder without me hearing.. But i would hear him wouldn't i. I mean our front door is a glass sliding door and a screen door and if i lock both i'm sure i would hear him opening them and catching him before he gets outside.... WOULDN'T I????????

My sil has told me about some sleep walking she did and still does sometimes and it terrifies me... Any advice is much aprreciated as you can see the wonderful thoughts i am having about this experience.

Hope you all have a great day, I'll be thinking up ways to block our doorwarys at night whilst we sleep!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Its easy to get sidetracked!!

Saturday was filled with windy rainy weather. But when it wasn't raining we went outside to do some work.

Working hard for mummy and daddy. We harvested the rest of our onions and the leek we had (which today i made a soup with!) and cleaned out the gardens and dug them over a little.

Until someone found something

Oh look a worm, or as Blue eyes says WORMIE!!!

teasing the worm, by pretending to put him back in the garden.. Wormie stayed around for awhile to play, whether he liked it or not!

Big brother noticing that little brother is not working anymore and wondering why. Poor wormie ended up in 2 soon after this photo was taken.. The rain soon set in again after our garden work.

This is the garlic we had growing. We decided to peel some and sit them in oil so they last longer for us. But some how i don't think we grew enough. what we have wont last very long. We love our garlic.

On Sunday we had organised to go down to our friends place, for a fish and to watch the v8's race bathurst. But it was raining AGAIN! We left very early in the morning and pulled up along the Noosa River so Ben could have a fish...

Fishing in the rain.

I went and got a coffee and some breaky from the bakery across the road before Ben set out. The lady asked me what we had planned for the day. I told her of my plans to sit in the car with my boys and my coffee and watch my husband do some fishing.. She had a very good laugh at me! And Proclaimed at least hubby was thinking of me when suggesting i sit in the car, while he fishes.

Ben didn't fish for too long. The wind was very strong and cold. So we set sail for our friends place. And we decided to take all little boys (5 in total) plus their 2 mums to see Despicable Me. Whilst their daddy's had a few beers and watched the car race. So we still had a very good day, even if it was raining. Ben was most upset that he didn't get to fish properly. He will get to go again soon, we are going on a fishing charter in a few weeks time for our wedding anniversary, without little boys to take over fishing time. So fingers crossed the rain stops and the fish are a biting!!

Hope you all had a great weekend :)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

12 Months Siezure FREE!!

Whilst talking with my sil at our family get together the other weekend. I came to the realisation that it has been over 12 MONTHS since our little blue eyed devil of an ANGEL has had a Febrile Convulsion / Seizure.. We have had a few close calls in the last 12 months, and if i hadn't of prepared ourselves properly with the right tools would have had more convulsions than none! This also doesn't mean he has grown out of them yet, we still have at least 4 years until that happens... So still a long way to go, but one year down with none is fabulous. Small steps at a time!

I must admit (and I'm sure his grandma's do this as well although wouldn't admit to it, I'm looking at you Granny hehe :)) I do on a daily basis check his temperature, just by rubbing my hands over his face and around his neck and then on his belly. I do it now out of habit. The convulsions can come on so fast, so i wouldn't even be able to tell you how many times a day i do it as i just do it now sub concsiously and when i feel warmth on him, my brain kicks in and i rip his shirt off get him and drink and cool him down. We've got a good routine now!

OK so some more realisations this morning, while looking for a photo here on our computer I've found its been well over a year since I've organised the photo's into their right folders.. That is going to be a fun job NOT!

And i can not remember the last time i read some of my book... I've been slack with that one! I don't start work until 11am this morning so I'm going to park my bum while the boys have a play outside and read some before jetting off to work!

Hope your all having a great week, we are having sunshine in the mornings and dark clouds/sometimes rain the afternoon... Spring is here and summer definitely on its way!

Monday, October 4, 2010

One Tired little Boy!

I couldn't help myself, This is the second time within a week that blue eyes has fallen asleep at the table. This time it took him a little longer to actually go to sleep, as he was still hungry and really wanted to keep eating! hehe

I filmed it on my phone and had it around the wrong way, so you'll need to tilt your head, but you'll get the idea and how funny and cute he is!

Angus Sound asleep on his chair!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Look at this fat Backside!!

The other day Both Ben and I noticed, someone in the family has gotten a little bigger pretty fast over the last couple of weeks.... So i took a photo to show you..

It's not the best photo, but this is Bruce (or dog) and his new found figure..

This is an old photo and doesn't really show how lean he once was, but I'm sure you can get the idea! We recently (only a handful of weeks) have been feeding our fatty bum a premium dry dog food. My brother got it from his work for us, and told us not to feed him too much. So we followed the instructions, but he still got fat/bigger lol. I caught 2 little helpers the other day feeding Bruce during the day (outside playtime) SO our little dog has turned into a bigger dog thanks to 2 little helpers!

Yesterday the boys and i went down to the shops for awhile and had some lunch with some very good friends. I took the boys into the toy shop for a look. They were very well behaved and didn't throw any tantrums upon leaving. So they got a ride in the coin operated car ride at the front door.

Boys driving Brum. They loved it, it didn't go for long enough i think but still enjoyable for them.

This weekend is mostly another one at home, which will be good. Get more jobs done! Hope you've all had a great week :-)