Monday, October 11, 2010

Its easy to get sidetracked!!

Saturday was filled with windy rainy weather. But when it wasn't raining we went outside to do some work.

Working hard for mummy and daddy. We harvested the rest of our onions and the leek we had (which today i made a soup with!) and cleaned out the gardens and dug them over a little.

Until someone found something

Oh look a worm, or as Blue eyes says WORMIE!!!

teasing the worm, by pretending to put him back in the garden.. Wormie stayed around for awhile to play, whether he liked it or not!

Big brother noticing that little brother is not working anymore and wondering why. Poor wormie ended up in 2 soon after this photo was taken.. The rain soon set in again after our garden work.

This is the garlic we had growing. We decided to peel some and sit them in oil so they last longer for us. But some how i don't think we grew enough. what we have wont last very long. We love our garlic.

On Sunday we had organised to go down to our friends place, for a fish and to watch the v8's race bathurst. But it was raining AGAIN! We left very early in the morning and pulled up along the Noosa River so Ben could have a fish...

Fishing in the rain.

I went and got a coffee and some breaky from the bakery across the road before Ben set out. The lady asked me what we had planned for the day. I told her of my plans to sit in the car with my boys and my coffee and watch my husband do some fishing.. She had a very good laugh at me! And Proclaimed at least hubby was thinking of me when suggesting i sit in the car, while he fishes.

Ben didn't fish for too long. The wind was very strong and cold. So we set sail for our friends place. And we decided to take all little boys (5 in total) plus their 2 mums to see Despicable Me. Whilst their daddy's had a few beers and watched the car race. So we still had a very good day, even if it was raining. Ben was most upset that he didn't get to fish properly. He will get to go again soon, we are going on a fishing charter in a few weeks time for our wedding anniversary, without little boys to take over fishing time. So fingers crossed the rain stops and the fish are a biting!!

Hope you all had a great weekend :)

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