Wednesday, October 6, 2010

12 Months Siezure FREE!!

Whilst talking with my sil at our family get together the other weekend. I came to the realisation that it has been over 12 MONTHS since our little blue eyed devil of an ANGEL has had a Febrile Convulsion / Seizure.. We have had a few close calls in the last 12 months, and if i hadn't of prepared ourselves properly with the right tools would have had more convulsions than none! This also doesn't mean he has grown out of them yet, we still have at least 4 years until that happens... So still a long way to go, but one year down with none is fabulous. Small steps at a time!

I must admit (and I'm sure his grandma's do this as well although wouldn't admit to it, I'm looking at you Granny hehe :)) I do on a daily basis check his temperature, just by rubbing my hands over his face and around his neck and then on his belly. I do it now out of habit. The convulsions can come on so fast, so i wouldn't even be able to tell you how many times a day i do it as i just do it now sub concsiously and when i feel warmth on him, my brain kicks in and i rip his shirt off get him and drink and cool him down. We've got a good routine now!

OK so some more realisations this morning, while looking for a photo here on our computer I've found its been well over a year since I've organised the photo's into their right folders.. That is going to be a fun job NOT!

And i can not remember the last time i read some of my book... I've been slack with that one! I don't start work until 11am this morning so I'm going to park my bum while the boys have a play outside and read some before jetting off to work!

Hope your all having a great week, we are having sunshine in the mornings and dark clouds/sometimes rain the afternoon... Spring is here and summer definitely on its way!

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