Friday, October 1, 2010

Look at this fat Backside!!

The other day Both Ben and I noticed, someone in the family has gotten a little bigger pretty fast over the last couple of weeks.... So i took a photo to show you..

It's not the best photo, but this is Bruce (or dog) and his new found figure..

This is an old photo and doesn't really show how lean he once was, but I'm sure you can get the idea! We recently (only a handful of weeks) have been feeding our fatty bum a premium dry dog food. My brother got it from his work for us, and told us not to feed him too much. So we followed the instructions, but he still got fat/bigger lol. I caught 2 little helpers the other day feeding Bruce during the day (outside playtime) SO our little dog has turned into a bigger dog thanks to 2 little helpers!

Yesterday the boys and i went down to the shops for awhile and had some lunch with some very good friends. I took the boys into the toy shop for a look. They were very well behaved and didn't throw any tantrums upon leaving. So they got a ride in the coin operated car ride at the front door.

Boys driving Brum. They loved it, it didn't go for long enough i think but still enjoyable for them.

This weekend is mostly another one at home, which will be good. Get more jobs done! Hope you've all had a great week :-)

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