Saturday, October 16, 2010

Whoa 6 years really??!!

Today is our 6 year wedding anniversary! Can't believe we are up to number 6!!!! I thought the boys were growing so fast.. 6 years of marriage and almost 9 years together in total! WHOA!

Although today is a special day, Ben is at a Metallica concert. There is no way i would be able to stop him from going.. So why fight. Instead he is making up for it by taking me on an all day fishing charter! I do love fishing but don't get much of a chance to actually fish. Keeping little boys out and away from deep water seems to be my main priority when at the beach. So a day out on a boat without the munchkins fishing will be great!!

He also couldn't help himself and went and got me a lil prezzie as well. Only thing is he hid it when he got home, and lasted oh about 2 hours before caving and giving it too me! hahaha. He always tries to hand out prezzies early. If it wasn't for me the boys wouldn't get anything on their birthdays or Christmas cause Ben would give it to them weeks before the special day! hehe.

I love looking at this photo, all of our glamour photo's we had done last year are great, but this one shows exactly what everyday is like, if we don't laugh we won't get through it(of course there is tears and tantrums and the like, but at the end of the day you just gotta laugh!). And to be able to laugh with someone who puts such a huge smile on my face everyday, (whether he knows it or not) makes me one very, very, very HAPPY WIFE!!! No way would i be able to get through such hair pulling times without such a caring, lovable person! ( with a little smartass sprinkled on the side to spice things up!) And with 2 little boys JUST and yes i mean JUST like their DADDY (just ask their Granny!) I'm living one very fulfilled life, PERFECT!

Love you with all my heart my wonderful husband xoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxo

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  1. Yes,those darling little boys are very much like their daddy...but without a mummy as special and caring and full of love ,like you my sweetheart...there would not be that PERFECT balance xo
    Thankyou for being the love of my sons life xo
    It is very hard, trust someone else with your childs heart...
    You too will know,as your boys get wonderful it is to have an amazing daughter in law,like yourself :0)(Just weed out the 'others' wont be popular,but MUM knows best !!)
    I thank god for for the day you came into our lives xxxxxx