Friday, January 22, 2010

Still waiting...

We are in hope that our laptop will return to us soon, all fixed! But for now we are still waiting... This weekend we are going camping for Australia Day, if i had the laptop i would do a post on Australia Day, but it's not here... So i will do one when it comes back and then i can post some photo's from our camping and fishing trip! We try to do the most Australian thing we are capable of doing for this day, last year its was a cooked lunch with damper and lamb chops. This year it's a camping trip with friends, fishing, a few drinks here and there and lots of food! We are all really looking forward to it, so far the weather forcast says fine weather... Yay! Hope your week was a good one, and enjoy your weekend!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Home sweet home

Hubby is home from hospital, he is better but not quite over the virus yet. Standard strength panadol and nurofen is all he needs for pain relief now. Aswell as rest. He has 3 days off work, then back to light duties. All 3 of my boys have now had their turn at being sick in some way over the last 3-4 weeks, so i can only hope now, that things will go back to some sort of normal! Then we might be able to get some extra things done. Like the garden... Ben loves his gardening, and is at the moment finding it hard not to go out and fiddle around in it! So many idea's, so many things to re-plant/weed, but not quite enough energy. We will get it done though, just take our time doing it! I hope your week is starting off well :-)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Not a great start to 2010

This week everything was starting to go back to normal... Until my poor hubby got a summer flu.. Wasn't as bad as the flu he usually gets, so after 2 days off work he went back. Only to have the headaches get really bad he couldn't keep anything down or think straight.. So very early friday morn, i called his mum to take him to the er to get sorted out. A few hours later he was home, getting over what they thought was a migrane. After some more sleep he woke up with severe pain again. So off to the er again. After a full day of heavy drugs, a ct scan, blood test, and a lumbar puncter (not nice at all) they found it to be viral meningitus from the flu he had. So my poor hubby is currently resting in hospital, trying to get over this horrible virus. He is better today than yesterday, keeping food down and water. still has some bad head pain. But the mending has started. Our local hospital has in past years recieved some bad words from the public, but when ever we have been, for ben or boys. They have always been very helpful, honest, understanding and try to do things as fast as they can. We do have a few maybe even alot of our doctors are foreign and sometimes hard to understand, but the ones we have had understand that and are patient enough to repeat things for us, and they know their stuff! Which suits me just fine. Not to mention the nurses, don't think you could get them any nicer than what we have! This afternoon i'm dropping blue eyes at grannys so cowboy can see his daddy. He has been missing him a lot, and knowing his daddy is sick makes him want to see him even more!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What my boys get up too..

I had to take a photo of this. It's not the best (its off my phone, and boys don't stand still for very long!). But this is some of what the boys get up to when at day care at my mum's! Dressing up in my old dance costumes.. They love the twirly dresses and skirts! I thinks its funny, ben thinks otherwise lol.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Belated Happy New Year!!

I've been a bit slack and haven't done a post since we got back from holidays... I have been busy tho!

Our christmas was fantistic. We had the best time, didnt rest alot. Ben and the boys went fishing on Ben's dad's boat. (i got a kid free day!). Went swimming at the beach, in the rain lol. It was very over cast most of our stay but that made it a bit cooler to do our outdoor things, like motorbike riding on grandad's quad bike. Both littlies and ben and i enjoyed having a scoot around the property on it! As we left it started to really rain and set in alot, lots of the creeks were up and close to going over the roads. So we left at the right time to make it home for Ben's birthday!.

We went around to ben's mum's place for cake and prezzies, once we got home. Cowboy had a blast telling granny all about his time away! Ben got some much needed work socks from his nan! And and Ipod docking station from his mum and step-dad, which i have been putting to use today while i cook in the kitchen!

We had a quietish new years, ben's mum and step-dad, and his cousin, parnter and little boy came around for dinner and some drinks. It was very nice. We did make it to midnight!! yay!! Besides our gatherings and holiday we have been trying to catch up on things while ben had the time off. It wasn't going so well with the boys around and them taking turns in not felling well... So we shipped them off the granny's for the night on saturday night, so we could get some bigger things crossed off our list!

We finally moved our bedroom around so we can get some summer breeze onto our bed of a night! And we moved our desk into the new office, old laundry. Ben laid some left over carpet ontop of the tiles. It looks good. In the future we just need to fix some tiles up on the wall, and buy or build (my idea lol) a new desk and shelving on the walls for all our stuff.

We also had a few drinks together and played some new games we purchased for the Wii, we had a great time. We don't get to spend alot of one on one time together with the boys around, but we do miss the boys when we are not with them, not matter how much they bug and jump all over us. They are the most loveable cheeky turkey's that life woudn't be the same without them! (but we do need to get some adult time in also to stay a little sane!)

Well i think i have covered what we have been up to. The laptop has been sent, last time it didn't take very long to get fixed, so here's hopeing the same happens again! I hope your having a great start the 2010!!