Saturday, January 9, 2010

Not a great start to 2010

This week everything was starting to go back to normal... Until my poor hubby got a summer flu.. Wasn't as bad as the flu he usually gets, so after 2 days off work he went back. Only to have the headaches get really bad he couldn't keep anything down or think straight.. So very early friday morn, i called his mum to take him to the er to get sorted out. A few hours later he was home, getting over what they thought was a migrane. After some more sleep he woke up with severe pain again. So off to the er again. After a full day of heavy drugs, a ct scan, blood test, and a lumbar puncter (not nice at all) they found it to be viral meningitus from the flu he had. So my poor hubby is currently resting in hospital, trying to get over this horrible virus. He is better today than yesterday, keeping food down and water. still has some bad head pain. But the mending has started. Our local hospital has in past years recieved some bad words from the public, but when ever we have been, for ben or boys. They have always been very helpful, honest, understanding and try to do things as fast as they can. We do have a few maybe even alot of our doctors are foreign and sometimes hard to understand, but the ones we have had understand that and are patient enough to repeat things for us, and they know their stuff! Which suits me just fine. Not to mention the nurses, don't think you could get them any nicer than what we have! This afternoon i'm dropping blue eyes at grannys so cowboy can see his daddy. He has been missing him a lot, and knowing his daddy is sick makes him want to see him even more!


  1. Oh dear it isn't a good start is it?

    Hope your Ben is soon feeling on top of the world again.

    There are some horror stories about hospitals out there, but I have been satisfied when ever I have had to go to ER. Usually seen pretty much straight away.

  2. Oh my!!! How scary for all of you. Hope Ben gets to come home real soon. There are horror stories about every place. You just can't please everyone! You should hear some of the stories of some of the vets around here!