Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Things that go BUMP in the Night!

Ben and I were woken suddenly last night with a very LOUD thud sound coming from the other end of the house (kitchen area).

Which was followed by.......

A very LOUD scared crying little boy sitting the in dark by himself because he tripped over..

Yes Blue eyes has decided to take up sleep walking. He very much dislikes the dark, so i know for sure he did not venture out of his room AWAKE. He was very much ASLEEP until tripping over and waking himself up. He was very quiet on his venture. Usually i here any movement or footsteps coming from their room walking on to the hard floor. But last night i heard nothing until he tripped.
Now after that incident Blues took forever to go to sleep as he was terrified of what had happened. And when i made it back to my bed ben flipped out and thought he heard him walking around again... So i spent the next hour thinking of scenario's of what he might do on his sleepwalking.. The one that most feared me was opening the front door and going for a wonder without me hearing.. But i would hear him wouldn't i. I mean our front door is a glass sliding door and a screen door and if i lock both i'm sure i would hear him opening them and catching him before he gets outside.... WOULDN'T I????????

My sil has told me about some sleep walking she did and still does sometimes and it terrifies me... Any advice is much aprreciated as you can see the wonderful thoughts i am having about this experience.

Hope you all have a great day, I'll be thinking up ways to block our doorwarys at night whilst we sleep!

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  1. Put a long piece of strong dowel in the runner of the sliding door.That way it wont open even if the door is unlocked.(dont let the boys see you doing it)
    Also put a slide bolt on the back door..way up even if they stand on a chair they still cant reach it.
    Great,something else for Granny to worry about :0) xoxo